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As is common with many a Blu-ray, Symphogear’s latest is set to come with several goodies depending on the shop purchased – a gift ranging from a bed sheet to tapestry, and each with an artwork seductive.

These samples certainly do not let down as at the very least, they let us know once the actual item is out, we can expect to see the art on the net somewhere. Specifically, it is otaku favoring retailer Gamers, as usual, who wins this bout of bonus material as their extra item happens to be an image which features the girls in their bathing suits as they relax at an onsen – driving all sorts of bodily things wildly,


  • Hawkward says:

    Meh… Nothing new or inventive, for such a music heavy anime their extras are’t very “wow” worthy. While to another eye these may be wonderful, and have a certain flavour to them, I can’t help but perceive the artwork as a little empty.

    I look forward to the BD, but they could have thought of something a little better >_> Like skins with animation for a media player to match with having a large variety of collaborate genre music.

    • Seven says:

      “Like skins with animation for a media player to match with having a large variety of collaborate genre music.”

      That doesn’t sound common practice or generic at all – so it is ridiculous, completely ridiculous.

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