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Bringing sexy imagery, an official site has launched for “Agarest Senki Mariage“, an upcoming PSP dating sim spin-off based after the popular Record of Agarest War RPG series – turning the females into lolis.

This title slated for a release in July of this year turns the girls of “Record of Agarest War” into extra cute loli characters who, as the official screencaps do show, will be presenting their bodies to players in various misleading, provocative, and scantily manners. As looking through the pictures reveals some inconveniently placed convenient censoring, one is made to wonder whether these despicable white polygons will be present within the actual game.

If no censorship ends up on the final rendition to hit the markets however, that would truly make this spin-off something worth owning for many otaku, regardless if they’ve played the original game or not, as there’s certainly no better way to play the strategy role-playing genre, seasoned or first time, than raw and uncut for the story of course, “the story”. This allows one to thoroughly experience “the plot” from head to toe as the developer intended – and with no restrictions.

This spin-off is certainly a great method of generating publicity for the main series as it essentially just yells out about how the “Agarest” series has attractive girls – basically performing the same task a suggestive poster, although with this, the company profits extra.

A complicated world we do live in indeed – though in any case, fans of colorful lolis may want to keep an eye out for Agarest Senki Mariage.


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