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“Why Are All The Girls Naked?”

Apr 2, 2012 @ 5:36 CDT

More anime artworks from the magazines of May 2012 are available for all manner of research – proving even more erotic than the batch before as more girls are, for some inexplicit yet welcomed reason, undressed.

As previously was mentioned, every month features suggestive artwork of anime heroines from the ongoing season, as well as a few recent series, by way of the various major anime magazines – yet for the month of May, perhaps inspired by the upcoming season of spring, nearly all the girls come showing their bare skin, giving a sight more revealing than is usually present, not that anyone is complaining.

This latest round brings the exposed body of females from Accel World, High School DxD, and Rinne no Langrange, among several others – certainly doing well to generate interest for those respective series. Although ironically in the case of one anime, High School DxD, the leading female, as seen above, is actually portrayed in a manner quite tame compared to what she exhibits within the televised series itself, showing here far less than she typically does. In contrast, the other girls are showing off a significantly greater amount of physique than they usually do.

Incidentally, this is likely the most elegant and ladylike one will ever see the red headed heroine of High School DxD, Rias, ever appear to be – standing with a blushed expression as her clothes disintegrate as her enormous oppai are on the verge of going public for any and all to enjoy. However at least she’s not the only one in a degrading position, none of the remaining females look particularly graceful at all save for InuBoku SS’ much loved loli who always sustains a demeanor of class and eloquence.

All in all, whatever inspired our 2-D heroines to take the ambitious step of going au naturel, we certainly wish they would follow its guidance more often.


  • liberator says:

    This probably goes with the change into warmer weather, where everyone starts putting on less. But if this is the case, no imagination will be needed for the summer artworks…

    • Seven says:

      It seems there is a time where having no imagination is a positive.

  • alan says:

    to honest i really hate spring and summer because is so hot, if i open the door in and out my arm out i can feel my skin burning with the sun thats why i hate them, but if i get stuff like these i think i will make an effort to deal with it

    • alan says:

      lol, at the beginning i meant to say “to be honest”

    • Seven says:

      I like the winter – nice and cool. Jackets are fine too.

      • alan says:

        yea, i prefer winter over spring and summer but i like fall the best because is not super cold like in winter and because theres always a lot of wind

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