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A second video preview is now available of Blood-C’s upcoming vampiric film, “The Last Dark” – this latest PV is quite simple hype and neither makes the movie look like a must watch, nor does it disappoint either.

Watching this clip, all it manages to get across is that the visuals are lovely, and there’s one rather sexy vampire heroine – both details which we already knew well in advance. The rest of the video consists of either insignificant quick flashes which reveal nothing, or information panels which highlight specifics we could care less about.


  • alan says:

    i wonder how different is going to be from the the anime version of Blood The Last Vampire and the real life version

    • Seven says:

      Same – although the series has become so variegated across every medium, it doesn’t really matter any more. As an overall series, it’s already been defiled long ago – there’s no chance of recovery at this point.

      • This is all just about hack-and-slash with some nice visuals to go along with it. And anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

  • I hate it how Blood-C ended as an anime.I had high hopes, pretended that everything would be fine the moment all those build up in the story peaked into climax. Turns out it was an anti-climax.

    • Seven says:

      Indeed – it was very weak, though with CLAMP behind it, I wasn’t expecting much else but failure.

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