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Another’s Misaki Mei reunites with her little sister and the two pose whilst their skin is covered by nothing but blood red ribbons – indeed making for a sight fantastic and one which reminds why Misaki is so admired.

A grand feature in the anime magazine artworks of May 2012 is that while we’ve already been treated to the sight of the sexier two Symphogear girls’ natural state once in the past, and that Aquarion EVOL’s heroines are showcased raw in every episode of the series to begin with, it’s an unanticipated surprise to see not only Misaki Mei but her twin as well wrapped in only a red ribbon as seen above.

With relative ease do both Misaki and sister manage to capture attention, and even outdo any of the other females present. They have a charm of elegance unmatched – whereas all the other girls have some fetish specific oddity that only works to turn away viewing interest, best example being the excess of pink skinned areas in the work with Guilty Crown’s dull leading females.

Each month’s round of anime magazine artwork always contains gratuitous imagery of the heroines – yet the issues of May went further by forgetting clothes altogether, giving an abundance of bare skin instead.

Usually, our 2-D girls still sport some sort of clothing articles when providing us with delectable displays of themselves in magazines – yet as one will find here, many of them do not. The unusual aspect is that there’s not merely one or two illustrations of undressed heroines – but almost half of these artworks happen to feature female nudity, almost as if competing in a contest fought with asset exposure.

However no matter the reason, the sights are certainly very much welcomed – and do great in the way of rewarding the eyes of many otaku, the refined art of Misaki and imouto especially.


  • skylion says:

    A missed opportunity with Mio and Yui. And the only gratuitous display I see is the size of Karuta’s soft serve.

  • frost says:

    *look through pictures of lovely, half naked girls*

    *See Manly Saber*

    Like LOOL

  • Anonymous says:

    Karuta’s ice cream.. makes me so hungry.
    Anyways, I guess I’m biased to say that Another and InuBoku is the best.
    Mei and Riricho and Karuta are just so… hnnnnngh. ♥

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