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Second season of a series about wet female dogs, Dog Days, has been confirmed to be allotted for July – meaning that apparently, this dreadful affair of inumimi girls has been closer to us than anticipated.

As pitiful of a series as this is, a second season was confirmed some time ago and now it seems that these dog-like girls are to shortly return. That’s indeed quite good news for whoever out there actually takes enjoyment in this series called “Dog Days” – yet for the rest of us, at least we’ll be busy with far greater titles of anime to be bothered by the by atrocities such as this. Dog Days isn’t particularly good an anime for various reasons – and if anything, it specifically is quite awful, although at least the bitches are attractive.


  • Anonymous says:

    I think the dog princess really fall in love with the hero.

  • Anonymous says:

    The only good things about this show are the excellent seiyuu cast (such as Mamoru Miyano, Yui Horie), the theme songs (especially the opening) and the attractive tsunderes. The rest looks pretty generic, such as the plot and the kemonomimi trend does not offer anything new but the squirrel girl.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait, Dog Days, was about inumimi girls? My friend told me it was slice-of-life, so I didn’t watch it. Now this changes everything. FUCK.

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