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Senjou No Horizon’s Spectacular S2 PV

Mar 31, 2012 @ 9:23 CDT

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon’s second season has received its very first video preview, as well as a snazzy Fate/Zero reminiscent key visual – instantly managing to take our hype for this series up tenfold, and then some.

This series always has a wonderful charm to it – and that is present within the PV. The PV is unlike most others an anime may receive as it focuses on very specific scenes – action is emphasized, yet not in the typical manner of assault and alternating blows. Rather, this PV focuses upon each character and what they bring to the battle. Their determination is subtly yet strongly highlighted as the camera keeps its attention on the “showdown” aspect – the facing off of our protagonist force against that of their enemies.

Both forces alike are showcased in an unwavering, ready to fight manner – yet no actual seconds of contention are shown. It’s as if the clip is equivalent to the sight of eager opponents ready to box, yet are kept back by the referee before the bout actually begins. There is however a short burst of attacks being exchanged between mechs – making for an exquisite display all around with sound effects flawless.

On some other observations, our leading male is fully undressed for both the entirety of the PV, as well as within the key visual – this leaves us curious if he even wears clothes at all in this upcoming second season. And on another note, there’s some unmissable new characters within the video – who, in a feat achievable only by Senjou no Horizon, manage to earn our adoration already. They look so individualistic and solidly set towards a goal – contributing magnificently to an already outstanding crew.

Hopefully we manage to last until this series strikes like lightning in July – as considering we’re already foaming from the mouth with anticipation, we might suffocate from lack of Horizon before then.


  • Anonymous says:

    Why is Tori naked? Usually, you’d have a naked female character, not a male

  • frost says:

    I soo can’t wait for S2. . . .

    But why is Toori naked . . again ?

    • With all of the grotesquely oversizd oppai baggage this series has been forced to carry, they figured it would be in everyone’s best interest to try and even things out a little bit.

      Good for them, I say. -Nod nod-

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