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Queen’s Blade Rebellion Yuri Nudity PV

Mar 31, 2012 @ 2:23 CDT

As if not having asserted its abundance of oppai in its already many PVs prior, Queen’s Blade Rebellion releases yet another promotional clip – this one featuring public nudity alongside blatantly vulgar yuri activities.

There’s nothing worth describing in respect to this latest preview clip of Queen’s Blade Rebellion as it merely does nothing more than compile cuts from earlier PVs with newer irrelevant scenes which simply showcase censored oppai one must buy the Blu-ray to see – or make a spectacle of the disgusting character designs as they engage in lewd inter-gender licking of one another.

Something which this PV does successfully manage to do is gross any who view it out of watching the series – both through the horrid visuals, as well as through the slosh of sound intended to the be OP theme, the atrocious attempt at a multi-cultured musical mix.

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  • Anonymous says:

    shows great, besides the censoring yes the lude people probably out number the non lude people that makes the non lude ppl not normal.. final attack! Become extinct oh self rightious ones!

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