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Kill Me Baby Concludes With Yuri

Mar 31, 2012 @ 19:12 CDT

Kill Me Baby concludes after 13 episodes, and interestingly, it does so with revelation despite having gags near exclusively – making a final twist in the form of yuri implications before the last end sequence roll.

Anything yuri related to arise in Kill Me Baby isn’t particularly shocking at all considering the character relationships – yet overlooking the aspect of yuri or other finer details, the very basis of how Kill Me Baby concluded was poor. This series is one which built itself upon slapstick and gags – however at the last moment, decided to have a scene of serious development. That was all too little too late of course – with the way this series has played out, it didn’t do much but make the series feel as if it came to a muffled ending.

And what’s worse, this was a conclusion which only reiterated the already known – as mentioned above, it was no surprise to see the affinity present between the two. Kill Me Baby tried to show that a bond developed between the highschooler Yasuna, and the assassin Sonya, come the end of the series – a point well into their adventure of adolescent affairs together. The issue in this is that anyone watching already knew they were close companions – its been obvious since episode one.

Instead, Kill Me Baby should have sustained comedy to the end, yet it did not – and even the comical incidents which did transpire over the course of this episode to the credits were not at all as grand as skits seen only a single episode prior, or several other episodes before. For a finale, this truly was a disappointing episode – although given the nature of Kill Me Baby, it is not as if expectations were particularly high to begin with.

This isn’t necessarily a series “bad” or “good” – it neither disgusts through failure, nor is it worthy of immense acclaim. From start to end, it is fairly respectable in many an aspect, irritating in others, and plain lacking in few. The humor is incredibly strong at certain points – however occasionally, one will feel repetitive qualities arise and start to take a toll.

Something Kill Me Baby would do often is pioneer a splendid joke quite original – only to then use it over many times. This would not hurt the initial execution of the comical maneuver – however, it would bring down the series overall as there is a difference between an ongoing gag, and simply forcing the same line since you’re out of material.

On top of this, another aspect to deviate this series away from being generally liked is the theme of the comedy itself – its a specific mix surrounding two highschool girls, personal traits of them, and their relationship, all played out in a fashion spontaneous and quick striking. Not to mention, the chibi character designs alone could be enough to drive away many from the series – as can be the the series’ fetish for randomly interceding in every episode to have creaky voices say “Baby, please kill me” several times over.

Of course however, there’s also reasons as to why Kill Me Baby is quite good, and one of them is the inexplicit plot. To say Kill Me Baby has no story would be a lie – it’s a tale of two girls, one of whom is average, the other, an assassin. The regular highschooler overlooks the fact that her friend is an assassin, and the two get along together quite well – even if it may look otherwise. Yasuna is essentially Sonya’s link to a typical highschool girl life – it is because of her that Sonya opens up a bit at the end, and at whatever other points. A typical case of opposites attracting.

An actual strong facet of the series exists in that while indirect as they may be, indeed there are times where, as result of a gag, Sonya would show a more delicate, schoolgirl side to her – such as her fear of dogs and insects, or those strange moments in which a bullet proof vest is brought up, and as Yasuna hits her for sake of passive interest in confirming the protection provided by such a vest of Kevlar, it turns out that Sonya wasn’t wearing it after all, however, is too embarrassed to say she simply forgot it at home.

These humanly scenes all go to the aide the subtle anecdote at the core of the series.

Again, it may not be for everyone – yet to some with the suitable tastes and are open to appreciating finer intricacies, whether consciously or subconsciously, will truly not regret watching Kill Me Baby.


  • wolfdawg says:

    Its unclear if sonya even killed anybody (to me atleast) but yeah, Yasuna was a bit late on the whole “save friend from killing people” thing. Thats pretty much the only thing I thought was odd.

    The yuri in the title was misleading, I watched 3 episodes in bed waiting for a makeout scene….oh well. Yuri stands for girls love right? I guess it does’t have to be that type of “love”.

    I found this whole series quite amusing and enjoyable, but the comedy will never reach Nichijou status(or any anime with nichijou in it) and the friendship will never reach My little pony status but It is still a good anime the space it uses on my HDD is well deserved.

    on the otherhand, there is way to much fan service, did you see how high there skits are? jeeez. Napping is also a form of pervertedness, shame on them.

    • Seven says:

      I concur – it is unclear if she’s ever killed anyone, and Yasuna is late. That merely felt like a gimmick to bring the series to a close.

      There’s a difference between yuri and yuri hentai.


      I’ve seen worse.

      • wolfdawg says:

        While on the wiki I noticed it says in episode 13 that she “proclaimed her love for sonya”. I guess you would call that love :/

        Time to find some Dojinshi…..

        Forgot to mention I’m expecting a s2 of this anime, my reason for thinking this is based soley on the Botsu-kyara. She was in like 3 episodes and never got concluded (not that she needed to), its kind of stupid, but if there is actually a s2 I think shes going to be in more scenes.

        • Seven says:

          I don’t recall her proclaiming her love Sonya – at least not in the explicit “I love you!!!” manner.

  • Seven says:

    Kill Me Baby was pretty funny the first time I watched it, though I just finished re-watching it, and it’s completely hilarious this second time around.

    My stomach hurts from laughing.

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