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Sword Art Online Proves Epic In PV Alone

Mar 30, 2012 @ 22:19 CDT

Fresh from the official site, the first preview clip of Sword Art Online has been released – and while already assumed to be splendid a series, now the PV takes expectations and tosses them into the universe.

Watching the video, available below, we’re shown what comes off as a heroic frontier as the music does well to imply – the leading male is spotted with determination flourishing, and enthusiasm about to exceed the skies. Shortly after the logotype, we’re then treated to the sight of adventure – the RPG elements of the series are exhibited in the form of treasures, bartering, battles, and of course, blades. In a manner so streamlined, the attention further smoothyl shifts into the topic of war.

Thunderous creatures are making their presence known within the world of Sword Art Online – and they do so spectacularly as the PV expertly implements a slow motion effect during this segment, one can truly feel the power being thrust around heavily as the monsters take motion.

All the while, we’re shown a girl frozen in fear, and concerned over the terrifying display of monsters she sees. There looks to be some sort of invasive force arriving within the universe of Sword Art Online – and on a side-note, the manifestation of these enemies within the colosseum is reminiscent to a certain scene of Symphogear, though certainly far more epic in tone.

Immediately after the antagonists make their arrival, one will see the hero lose an unrelated bout – and subsequently, shatter away in true RPG style. From there, it is all various scenes of combat which give the feeling of preparation for something large-scale. The music in particular is impressively powerful within this PV as this single score manages to take one from a feeling of confidence to worry, to a rush of intensity and adrenaline building.

Sword Art Online had us hooked from the name alone, yet this is definitely a series with more to it than its name.


  • And so it would seem the spiritual successor to the original .hack series is at last upon us…

    • Seven says:

      I have to admit, I never properly watched the original .hack series – though I can say I like the sight of where Sword Art Online is going.

      And in all honestly, it had me hooked from the name many months ago – not to say I’m positive this series will be a success, although the chances of that do look quite in its favor.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    I am certainly going to watch this show. Didn’t expect to be that good. On the other hand, I like to point out couple of things.

    1. At 0:36 sec – that sky world looks like God’s World from Mirai Nikki.
    2. Oh my god, at 0:57 sec – that girl looks exactly like Haruka from iDOLM@ster. I got surprised when I saw it.

    • Seven says:

      The sky I don’t care much about, but when I read your statement that the girl at :57 looks like Haruka, I was getting ready to type a heated response as I watched the video over again – however it turns out you’re actually right, she looks exactly like Haruka.

  • avatar marthaurion says:

    I read the first few chapters of the manga and I’m really looking forward to this show. I think it’s got a nice premise, so it should be cool

    • Seven says:

      It certainly looks cool – this is one of the few I’m quite eager for.

      • avatar marthaurion says:

        omg Yuki Kajiura doing the music…it’s officially gonna rock

        • Seven says:

          Nice! She’s responsible for even Fate/Zero and Madoka’s themes. The music just from the PV sounds so moving – it’s like emotion turned into vibrations.

          So far, I’ve not seen a single thing about this series that I haven’t liked.

          • Anonymous says:

            Ah! So that’s why I heard some some similar sounds from Fate Zero in the PV. (Don’t want to say “recycled”)

            • Seven says:

              It is common to hear “similar” sounds in different songs from the same composer – I think that’s perhaps part of sustaining their specific style across multiple themes. Or at least, in the the case of Sword Art Online, it is somewhat similar in what it will entitle to Fate/Zero, action packed battles.

        • Going by the PV alone, Kajiura’s work with SAO seems to foster a grander sense of ambiance – drawing the viewer into the world itself rather than its selective players – rather than the introspective pieces she utilized in Fate/Zero and Magica.

          That aside, Kajiura really seems to have a lot of high-profile work going her way lately, being involved in one smash hit after another.

          • avatar marthaurion says:

            works for me…I love her music

          • Seven says:

            Good call with the ambiance – incidentally, that reminds me of the score heard during Patema Inverted’s PV.

            I can say I prefer themes which focus on the world at hand – and of course while it depends on the series whether or not that would be more appropriate over an emphasis of the characters, I still find myself more fond of it.

            • Dusk252 says:

              Well, whatever Kajiura’s doing, she’s always great, to the point of actually being my favorite OST composer ever since I’ve watched Pandora Hearts a couple of years back. She also seems to be on a roll as of late, and her presence in SAO is very much appreciated.

              As for the anime, I have high hopes for it. In terms of premise and setting, it’s far superior to Accel World by the same creator, and I’d been planing on reading the novel after finishing Fate/Zero. Now I’m not sure if I should put it off until it airs or start reading now… From the bits I did read though, I’m pretty sure this’ll be my most anticipated title for Summer season, even if we aren’t yet any near of knowing the full lineup.

  • Anonymous says:

    Having read volumes 1-6 of the light novel series this has been the most I’ve looked forward to an anime in a long time. The novel series is an easy read an highly entertaining, and from the looks of the PV they kept many/all of the side stories intact for the anime which is a very, very good thing

    • Seven says:

      Indeed, this seems to be one of the more developed series of the coming season.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to say originally I hadn’t heard a single thing about this anime anywhere and didn’t care when I found the manga. But after sitting back and reading a few chapters and finding out that there’s an upcoming anime, I’m already excited that the anime’s coming out next month. It’s gonna have a great reception from what i’ve seen

    • Seven says:

      The manga could be the greatest in the world, though that doesn’t mean the anime will be as good.

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