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InuBoku SS’ Happy Ending Of Probable Sex

Mar 29, 2012 @ 16:54 CDT

Going well against the anticipated, what started as an amusing slice of life with cute lolis, InuBoku SS, ended up being one of the most intricate tales of romance to ever have unfolded – cute lolis still included.

Within this finale, the course of action taken to alleviate the issue of a side-character ultimately ends up aiding our loli heroine – and by a means all so inadvertent at that. The kid who is often seen with his bartending father within the Ayakashi Ken apparently is worried over something – the laid back big brother-like character who can transform into paper notices and learns of the situation. The kid is troubled over what his father will become in the future – as his father is partially a spirit, this means he’ll more or less be reincarnated into something else.

That idea has the kid worried as he’s unsure if his father will still be the same, even after such reincarnation – yet the rabbit man jumps into the matter as well, and then we’re left with the solution, a time capsule. The idea is for the kid to send a note to his father in the future. Now that all goes well without ever needing to resort to the note – however, the capsule is still to be buried, and that’s where this becomes relevant to our loli. Every resident of the building was invited to take part – and our loli seemed rather eager to do so.

She wrote a letter addressed to her servant, Miketsukami, for the time capsule – yet she also authored one to deliver to him in this modern day, intending for it to accompany a gift she got him to make up for the one prior which she dropped. Her mistake is that she got the two mixed up – and as it so turns out, the letter reserved for the future proves to be of romantic confessions. In other words, this means our loli has just delivered a love note to Miketsukami first hand.

Realizing the error she’s made, our loli has a breakdown like never before seen – escaping her tsunshun facade as she turns into a typical girl, going ecstatic with embarrassment at what she’s done. She calls to tell him not to read it – yet he’s already done just that. Now knowing that he’s to soon arrive after having been acquainted with her inner cuteness, our loli cannot handle the stress. She runs off as she believes she’s not yet “mentally prepared”.

Now hiding in a nearby park, our adorable little heroine begins to contemplate the next appropriate action to take. She comes up with various ideas, yet recognizes that none of them are any good – at which point afterward, she realizes she must simply force herself to respond – or else, she may not get anything done. She calls Miketsukami and tsunderely tells him where she is – an event which leaves us entirely unexpecting of what’s to come next.

Ririchiyo does not hold back at all, she exalts every ounce of loli strength she has to admit she loves Miketsukami – and several times over at that. As for his response, a mutual romance does not simply go into full bloom, yet it does so in a fashion overflowing with compassion. A barrier of tension becomes broken between the two of dog-like servant and loli heroine – to the point even, the episode’s final second is one in which implications of sexual intercourse are given.

InuBoku SS is quite a unique series for several reasons – mainly in how the story transitions and transpires throughout its 12 spectacles. While there is comedy, the plot has been present from the start – Ririchiyo had several troubles, such as her weak ability to socially interact, as well as her lack of companions, and not only did she manage to overcome those through entertaining events of humor, yet she also found far more than she could have hoped for. In fact, that may have been what she wanted all along.

A flawless balance exists between every aspect of this series – the supernatural is never shoved into the viewer’s face, nor is it stupidly explained like some shounen fantasy series, it’s there, and it is powerful in that the characters treat it naturally. To them, they’ve been “abnormal” their entire lives, thus why would they go in-depth over something so standard to them like any other facet of daily life? They wouldn’t, and they don’t. That accounts for one of InuBoku SS’ main points of superiority.

Secondly, the emotions shift so cleanly every episode – while most series do something like dedicate one episode to a lighthearted topic, and have the next be all action, that’s not how life works. InuBoku SS had emotions of humor, love, and more all present simultaneously – yet just like a human mind, gradually would allow attention to shine on each of them. Rather, a better way to say it is that it wasn’t the story controlling the characters in some robotic manner – but the characters controlling the story dynamically. They determined the mood.

And in fact, that has to be the perfect method to describe InuBoku SS as unlike most anime where it feels the characters are following the story – its the cast here who create the story as above mentioned. InuBoku SS is a slice of life, and their lives are what define what occurs – regardless of what it may be. And of course, all of this is mainly focused upon our loli – who undergoes clear growth in personality by the time the series’ conclusion comes along.

On top of that, serving as both a bonus, as well as final touch on a seemingly flawless creation, many incidents within this series are ones which a viewer can find themselves easily understanding through shared experience – basically, lovable characters in situations so easy to relate with. As InuBoku SS doesn’t merely bust into a serious plot, anyone can enjoy watching with little promise till they realize they’ve been grasped within the deeper aspects at their own pace.

Furthering the fantastic qualities of this series is also the aesthetics – the chibi moments of the series, alongside the incalculable cuteness of the heroine are both simply funny and adorable to see, yet they do work under a greater purpose. They further the feelings present – breaking down complex sentiment into charming illustrations easily understood.

There’s a trend in all this which one may or may not have yet noticed – every aspect, regardless of how it may appear at face value, is incredibly elaborate underneath, from the story to the visuals, and even the sounds. This series is like a flower in that many may take it for granted, a lovely yet simple and common thing – however it’s not.

A flower has so many complicated yet organized processes and components which keep it alive and provide the beautiful exterior we see – and InuBoku SS is quite like that, a labyrinthine mix of artistic compounds, each with their own many levels of structure, which all in turn offer the end result of one exquisite series that is easy to digest visually and mentally. Another way of saying it, the staff poured immense skill into making all the complications take place on their end – in turn giving us something which can be appreciated for reasons plenty.

This series is suitable for any audience, and the magnificence which makes it allows it to be one which gives no finite closure – yet rather, an ending inspiring with multiple meanings, enough to have one feeling they could even re-watch it immediately afterward if so desired and receive an all new wisdom behind it.


  • Seven says:

    Possible loli rape:

  • alan says:

    lol it was funny when she found the wall full of pictures of her and of course they will have sex they even said it but in the future

    • Seven says:

      Yeah, a splendid ending – not for the sex, but how the romance went unhindered. Everyone went all-out with their emotions.

  • skylion says:

    It is incredible that both will endure anything to enjoy the happiness of the other. But, like many of the greatest joys of our lives, this is walking a tightrope; that will, inevitably go slack with no notice (the stalker wall laid bare…but, really, Riro is smart enough to know that it was inevitable….just eat it).

    We should all be at the rally for an S2. Entertainment such as this is sublime and rare.

    As far as the sexual nature of their relationship goes, I think the possiblilty is a mirror to each audience member. Who you are, and what you bring to the show informs the outcome. As for me, I think they wait for a while. But only just….

    • Seven says:

      I’d like a second season of this, yet love was already confessed and whatnot – I’m not sure what a second season would showcase, unless it were an OVA dedicated to making mini lolis.

      • eliscrubs says:

        a loli of a loli – lolinception

      • Anonymous says:

        umm they could always have them in a relationship but with new characters being introduced with a giant fight and a giant catastrophe for the second season and stuff OR ALL NEW CHARCTERS but in the future where the child of ririchiyo and miketsukami is tryingto find his/her… maybe… soul mate. :3

        • Seven says:

          I think they shouldn’t go out of their way to try to force a second season – this ended nicely as it is, I’d rather they not become too confident and ruin it.

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