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Ben-To’s latest Blu-ray volume has been improved with hyper oppai physics and semi-uncensoring – replacing the TV version’s previous display of realistic oppai with some more ridiculous, yet gratuitous, movement.

Below, one can see how a bland scene from the televised variant of the series, which featured oppai far too firm for their size, was replaced with one which boasts a lively pair of breasts that jiggle in a manner quite reminiscent to gelatin desserts. It’s certainly more an alteration of preference – and one quite unique at that as it’s not often a series brings intense oppai bouncing to its Blu-ray. Usually, series which contain such already do so prior to their optical media debut.

Also interesting, the studio behind the anime, David Production, decided not to entirely rid it of censorship for whatever reason, perhaps to keep it only somewhat distinguished from a full blown ecchi focused series like High School DxD – yet they did however tone it down, removing the otherworldly misty white steam in favor of showing bare skin, but no more than that.


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