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In the ninth volume of The iDOLM@STER’s G4U, the idol fanfare becomes one of elegant kimonos – alongside of course, the ever-present mizugi service which seems to be at the very heart and soul of the series.

As the preview clip below does well to show, this is perhaps the first instance of G4U’s photo-shoot occurring at night – and its been certainly made a second dimensional experience to remember as fireworks light up the sky, the moon is visible, and the idols are all visibly enjoying themselves as they prance around and pose for the camera. Now while kimonos are nice, the real strength of this series arises from the swimsuits which are different every time – the latest selection of swimwear now being sailor styled mizugis.

And making the mizugi service satisfying in a manner which goes beyond what one could have asked for, Ryo Akizuki of 876Pro arrives to join in on the provocative posing while scantily dressed – an activity which any girl can apparently have fun with.


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