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It returns April 7th, yet the intensity of Fate/Zero’s second coming can already be felt as images are now available of both episode 14 and 15 – while the battle against the sadists continues, others fight against themselves.

Saber, Rider, Lancer, and their respective masters continue their bout against the atrocity which has arisen within the city – a monster of the lake with many a tentacle. All the while, Kariya confronts Tokiyomi – intent on bringing freedom to the little girl who otherwise will live a life being raped by bugs and humans alike, Sakura. Interestingly, Kariya’s servant Berserker is spotted – yet this doesn’t appear to be a contest amongst servants for these two.

Kariya bursts into blazing flames as per an unforgiving arcane assault from Tokiyomi – as Kariya’s ultimate goal in the holy war is valiant unlike most, to see him being assaulted by such a cruel black magic trick, being lit ablaze so horribly, we’re left to despite Tokiyomi. No matter the extremity of that attack however, it seems Kariya still managed to survive just enough to take refuge in an alleyway – yet unfortunately, it appears Kotomine Kirei has found him, and he doesn’t seem the type to help others.

We’re left wondering why Berserker will not interfere – it almost looks as if he’s desiring to manifest and aide his master, yet he’s being held back in another realm, place, or time for some reason.

As for the other actions ongoing, it’s worth taking note of Gilgamesh’s few sightings as he always proves intriguing, as well as the frames which feature the effort to take down the tentacle monster. From the sight of it, one can tell it will be quite an extensive, several episode conflict to defeat the squid – specifically take notice of episode 15′s 28th still, it looks as if either a tactics discussion is in progress, or perhaps the threat was eliminated and now it is a conversation of other matters.

Hype for Fate/Zero’s second season was already well above what any metric could measure – yet these screencaps mercilessly send the hype skyrocketing even higher than that.


  • Hawkward says:

    HOLY SHIT… Is 14/15 going to be a double episode?
    Also note how there is a pool of blood at Kariya’s feet as he’s torched by Tokiyomi, that must have been some brutal treatment. Also remember that Kariya’s servant seems to be able to cloud itself, or teleport like back during the conflict between Saber, Lancer and Gilgamesh. So he may, or may not be trapped, refusing to appear or what have you but I feel that his servant may serve as a double edged dagger.

    Either way, I’m totally hyped for the return of Fate/zero, it’s felt like such a long time has passed, and so quickly.

    • Seven says:

      “Is 14/15 going to be a double episode?”

      If it were, I wouldn’t be surprised – and on another note, this does indeed look vicious. I’m curious how or if Kariya actually survives.

      • Hawkward says:

        Extreme masochism enhancement system!
        Kariya’s pain, will brinng about your death :D
        Seriously though… DON’T DIE (too soon) KARIYA!

      • Kariya will almost certainly survive, and by Kirei’s hand no less.

        Here, I imagine, we will begin to catch a glimpse of the sadistic overseer of the 5th Holy Grail War. Thanks a great deal in part to our arrogant King of Heroes’ skillful manipulation, Kirei will use this as an opportunity to learn firsthand of his own unique kind of entertainment.

        Of course it would be an outright lie to say that many a fan will also take a bit of guilty pleasure in watching Kariya struggle to avert an already predetermined outcome. Though Berserker’s next fight will be of even greater anticipation, IMHO.

        • Seven says:

          So in other words, Kariya is already dead.

          • Hawkward says:

            You could conclude to that statement from episode 1. So if he does somehow end up surviving in the Holy Grail War, I will be greatly surprised.

            • Seven says:

              Well joking aside, I’m positive he won’t expire so easily – of course there’d not be much point to his character if he died as soon as second season kicks off.

              Though sadly, his efforts all go to waste anyways considering Sakura is still raped by bugs and onii-chans alike regardless – quite a shame.

              • Hawkward says:

                However, I’m wondering what significant event, or chain of events happen in order for Sakura to be free of being treated as such. Or if Fate/zero does not intend to tie relation to Fate/stay.

  • Anonymous says:

    I look forward to Caster being dispatched.

    • Seven says:

      I like the way you said that.

      Though his dispatch brought about a tentacled creature – what more could he bring?

  • dusk252 says:

    “From the sight of it, one can tell it will be quite an extensive, several episode conflict to defeat the squid.”
    Nope, from those screenshots I can assure you it’ll most likely only last those two episodes. And I truly hope it is that way, since with 25 episodes they won’t be able to cover all the awesome things remaining if they spend too much time in this lousy (not in itself but compared to some other battles later on) little skirmish.
    I’m so excited for this. I hope ufotable will continue the great job they have been doing with the adaptation and I’m really curious to see how they’ll handle some excerpts of heavy introspection, since that has been their weakest point so far (Kiritsugu *cough*).

    • Seven says:

      The fact it’s two episodes is what I meant – rather than say, the second season kicks off and the squid dies immediately or within the first episode of the series’ return. I personally find that the squid being used as a cliffhanger wasn’t the best of ways to go about pausing the series, or continuing it off, yet that’s likely as I myself merely don’t like the idea of a giant squid.

      • Dusk252 says:

        I’m glad they paused it there. Well, I’m not exactly “glad” about it, but I wouldn’t change anything about the episode. It’d be best if they simply didn’t cut it into two seasons but I’m all for not making it look like a season finale or something. It isn’t the most exciting part, that’s for sure and I gigantic squid isn’t exactly an amazing idea, I agree with you on that. But after all, since this is pretty much the midpoint of the story, to me it only shows their timing is good.

        • Seven says:

          Yeah, I’m satisfied it didn’t have an ending feeling to it as now, it can carry on with ease – also I’m eager to see where it goes from here out as by now, all the basics were elaborated and all that remains is the action till the conclusion. Nice timing indeed like you’ve said.

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