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Full-sized cover artwork has been released for all three of Steins;Gate’s upcoming titles – a visual novel port for the PS3, as well as two tales of romance featuring the much loved heroines for both PS3 and PSP.

Steins;Gate has certainly been on a roll as not only is a movie coming, yet two different games – one of which is to arrive on two gaming systems. And even with so much going on for the series, the quality is clearly not letting up – assuming the covers have been done by the series’ original artist, Huke, one can notice he’s developed his character illustrations of the Steins;Gate crew since their original debut on Xbox 360.

Some features which go hard to miss include vivid colors much unlike any seen by the series prior, with larger visages and less distortion to more detail – yet the signature grunge patterns remain, making for truly exquisite a sight.


  • I find the eyes and the clothing so spetacular. Bloody love this artwork!

    • Seven says:

      All of Huke’s art is amazing – he’s the one responsible for Black Rock Shooter.

      • No matter how much I look at them, I can never seem to get over the eyes – like enchanting pools of water that seem to suck you into another world.

        • Seven says:

          That’s one of the aspects which makes Huke’s art so incredible – rather than seek the realistic or conventional, he formulates his own effective and distinctive style for defining certain traits in a manner true, yet specific to his own skill.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s worthless nitpicking, but Steins;Gate’s debut was on 360. The PC port arrived nearly a year later.

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