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A dakimakura is now up for pre-order of a busty pink haired heroine from upcoming eroge “Sousouki Reginald” – interestingly, this buxom bishoujo goes by the name “Corticarte” and looks suspiciously familiar.

For better or worse, this character is a rather obvious imitation of another with the same name – Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica’s “Corticarte”. Besides name however, they both also share essentially every facet of appearance – a more prominent example being hair which is red on pink with a matching style at that, and complete with a black ribbon, just as Polyphonica’s Corticarte Apa Lagranges happens to have. Yet if there’s anything which acts as a solid giveaway, it’s the eyes which mimic Polyphonica’s one of a kind color selection and gradients.

Similarly, her attire on the dakimakura’s front, consisting of dress shirt and pink shimapan, is an attempt to replicate something the original Corticarte would wear – as is the black mizugi on the back which is in fact often seen on many an illustration of Polyphonica’s Corticarte when in her adult form.

Although while mimicking another character, that’s not to say she’s any less attractive herself – she appears to be relatively appealing for those with a taste in fleshy females. The spectacle of her backside in particular happens to exemplify this rather well – oppai smushed against a bed in order to seem even larger than they already are, which indeed, they are. And for further service, her lower body receives emphasis also.

On a final note, aside from the clear character cloning, there’s nothing else which relates this upcoming erotic game with Polyphonica – the synopsis is even a world apart from the anime series they based a heroine upon:

Black shadows lurk in the smog-filled city of Fatedelhi. They are known as pagans (ghosts), beings who were not able to be reborn and remain on Earth without a soul. Reginald Urbane is a vampire who joined the pagan-hunting group Twanbach after meeting two mysterious twins Vanessa and Veronica.

Even then however, nothing beats the original:


  • Is this some prequel/sequel to Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica or perhaps even an AW (Alternate World) Version? Something to justify this absurdly oblivious lack of originality in character design?

    • Seven says:

      It’s just some quality lacking eroge – or in an attempt to mildly forgiving, maybe an artist of theirs liked Corticarte enough to make an entirely identical copy of her as a tribute.

      • Regardless, no one likes a copycat.

        • Seven says:

          A cat is fine too.

          Sometimes, an eroge may do such a thing as, of course, the official work will not have their characters sexually active, and there’s many who actually would be interested in such. Not to say that is the case here, however just mentioning.

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny thing is, Reginald and Polyphonica are both made by Ocelot as well as the same author and artist.

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