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Tasogare Otome X Amnesia’s anime series may still be approaching, yet its sixth manga volume has just been released – proving of interest to both its readers, as well as those eager and awaiting the animation.

Simply a glance at the cover leaves one chilled – the manga definitely has an allure to it, yet it’s hard to describe. It’s as if the paranormal became mixed with elegance and a sense of restless unease – red is a color which rivets the mind after all, and it predominates the cover illustration of Tasogare Otome X Amnesia’s sixth manga volume.

Within the tome, one has to think the art is telling the story here rather than the words as opening the volume reveals that most of it consists of playful antics with a seeming essence of lust – alongside a questionable amount of emphasis on the legs of various female characters. The art has some sharp lines and curves to it which aide the desired sentiment of passion – although then again, a solid amount of story transpires to lead up to such emotions.

Teiichi does inquire some into the the relevant history of his spectral companion, the bishoujo heroine of the series Yuuko – yet more intriguing than simple history is the relationship present right now, Yuuko and Teiichi’s inexplicit, yet ever-apparent romance. Yuuko’s personality is one difficult to scope, and there is a panel in which she gets rather close to Teiichi, mentioning how she doesn’t want him to leave her. However she’s not simply teasing him – her feminine cute side comes out as she start legitimately crying at the thought of being left alone.

This segment offers an exquisite insight as to how deep a tie the two truly have – in general, body language accounts for over half of actual communication exchanged, and thus this definitely sends a strong message whilst also going to show how the excellently the manga makes use of art in conjunction with story.

Aside from the heavy dialogue and heavenly story of otherworldly everyday ordeals, the last significant aspect of this manga which may serve as a selling point for some is the unmissable and recurring fetishistic accenting of feet. Indeed the legs are given their fair share of glory, yet the feet specifically receive a rather generous amount of paperspace.

Strange as it sounds however, those odd obsessions which go implied quite often in the manga merely add to its overall unique vibe of supernatural clashing with an otherwise average highschool life. This volume certainly does well to remind, and easily leave any feverish in excitement for the anime’s soon to arrive April release.

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