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Mirai Nikki Has A “Bed Ending”

Mar 25, 2012 @ 22:28 CDT

As the repetitive cycle which is Mirai Nikki now reaches 23 episodes, the series delivers perhaps the first innovative concept of its origin – rather than a “bad ending”, this episode has a “bed ending”.

Despite being warned by his now former friends at the expense of their lives that the yandere is fooling him, Yukiteru, being a dolt, merely carries on with the usual cycle of his living – suspicion towards the yandere, compassion, and then finally horror as he comes to realize that she’s had iniquitous intentions. Although he’s been through this a good hundredth time now, Yukiteru always restores his trust in the yandere as being a naive imbecile apparently cannot be cured.

What essentially happens within this 23nd spectacle is that Yukiteru determines that his friends were right all along, ascertaining that the yandere is a liar – yet seeing the yandere’s face, he instead thinks that no, surely those crazy weirdos were merely pulling a stunt when they sacrificed their life for him. And thus, his course of action which follows is intercourse with the yandere – after which, he notices the yandere has an axe, yet even though she has an extensive background of murder, he doesn’t think twice about it.

Yukiteru speaks up about Akise Aru’s message – and with this, he incites a reaction from the yandere. She grabs her axe and begins swinging at her beloved Yukiteru – to which of course, Yukiteru starts dashing off and squealing like a pig about why this is happening, as if all of the death, betrayal, and yandere instigated homicides he’s witnessed earlier never happened. Unfortunately, the pink chibi creature which served as assistance to Deus Ex Machina arrives and partially aides Yukiteru by showing him the past in a protected realm.

Apparently, Mirai Nikki decided the ultimate method to go about the conclusion of its story was to make a revelation in that the series was impersonating a much better title known by name of “Higurashi” the entire time – and apparently, there’s multiple worlds, with multiple yanderes. One yandere already succeeded in “becoming God”, however then she harshly learned that she couldn’t revive corpses. Thus, she went back in time Madoka Magica style, although nowhere near as epic or amazing, to save her insolent male slave Yukiteru.

When she arrived back however, she encountered the version of herself who was already of that world – and of all possible solutions, she decided the one ideal is to kill off her extra counterpart. This all gives Yukiteru the situation he faces now, a serial killing yandere holding an axe wanting to kill him.

While we’d like to say this is a shocking twist, this series has been taking such a pitfall for many an episode – and the fact that the main character of the series, Yukiteru, is a cowardly dunce isn’t helping. The flaws heavily outweigh any positives – though that’s not much an issue as this series hardly has any of the latter. All the respectable characters such as Hina, Akise, Kousaka, and the terrorist have all become deceased – certainly leaving nothing to look forward to, especially not when considering further the horrible aspects of this series, and there’s many.

Yukiteru’s gullibility has been dragging down everything for as long as one can remember – and the yandere’s antics are no more than irritating, as well as anticipated, just like they have been since forever ago. When the same incident occurs the 23nd time over, it’s neither baffling, nor interesting – just a nuisance.

And it’s not merely the yandere’s actions which go so easily read however, but rather, this entire series has been so predictable for a while now, all with the exclusion of Akise’s heroism with was worthless in the end. Unforeseen aspects alone are not engaging, if one were to go out of their way to jog in place, no one cares. Mirai Nikki has been doing nothing more than just that – breaking into random events for no apparent reason and gargling them until the respective character involved in it dies and the process is repeated, this is not substantial development.

Of the single remaining reasons to watch this series, the main three would be to ridicule it, yandere service, or a feeling of wanting to finish it simply as its already about over and one has nothing better to do – a major disappointment that it has come to this.


  • alan says:

    omg i really need to watch this series, not for the ending, i watched the first episode and it was ok and i have read all the articles u have made of the show so far but i just haven’t make a space to watch it but im gonna start watching it as soon as possible

  • alexsaingxd says:

    I can’t believe the Yuno who wanted to be Yuki’s bride heard his voice. Writing on the wall with blood ”help me” and the situation he was in in that time was romantic. Now Yuki will kill the imposter. Thanks to Murmur’s help

    • Seven says:

      That was all way too convenient, I didn’t like it. The way the incident played out visually was a bit above average when the floor broke and etc, yet there was no actual premise behind it – much like how most of it is random at this point.

    • I can’t help but, at this point, think Yukiteru is all but entirely undeserving of being called a protagonist at this point. He’s either failed to save or killed anyone – save Yuno, of course >__> – who was on his side.

      I will say one thing for him. He beautifully exemplifies everything I detest about children.

  • skylion says:

    This had all the hallmarks of a pivotal episode (despite the poor handling). Did anyone else notice the drop in animation quality?

    • I did but they probably did that to make the last episode (ep.24) look better when they restore the quality.

    • Well, I don’t believe most anyone who’s been watching Mirai Nikki from the beginning has been ignorant of the drop in quality, and there’s a simple reason why.

      This anime did not have a substantial budget – far from it – and I believe that more of it went into the beginning episodes in order to draw together its fan base and then keep them with the ever developing story, at which point – as you mentioned – there would be a drop in animation quality.

  • frost says:

    A rather cool episode. So 2 Yuno’s, f*ck. Glad Yuno one died.

  • I agree the future Yuno is a better plot choice but why are you “Glad” the original died completely confused?

  • Anonymous says:

    I Really Really Really Really Really Hope The Season 2 Will Come Soon!
    If Can, Not Soon but NOW!

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