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Persona 4 Becomes Perfect On Blu-Ray

Mar 24, 2012 @ 10:01 CDT

Persona 4 is compared between TV and BD for the third time – showing some major alterations in terms of shape and shadow in this latest round of side-by-side comparison between television and optical media.

A main and very noticeable difference between the TV airing on the left within the comparisons below, and the BD to the right, is that when viewed against the BD, the shapes of various elements within the TV rendition seem to be stretched or shushed – in other words, distorted a bit. However, the Blu-ray has solved that as the shapes appear a lot looser and more smoothly flowing – one can truly see that it seems as if the shapes went from being compressed to having a more natural contour.

And for a very apparent change in the shadow, look within the first set of comparisons, the two red tie wearing men standing beside one another – the shadow caused by the sleeve of the man to the left has went from pointed to rounded, a more realistic sight. Looking at his companion for an unrelated difference, this fellow’s hair has been redone ever so slightly as strands escaping from the top were made inline and neater in terms of hairstyle.

Further on the subject of hair, returning to the individual on the left, one can see his facial hair has been altered for whatever reason – made more balanced across his face. If nothing else, this exhibits at what level of detail improvements were made overall.

Again it seems Persona 4′s Blu-ray is not simply HD in name as it appears to have been edited to achieve the utmost in visual quality – something which is seemingly quite a trend these days.

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