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Otaku Buys 50 Copies Of Erotic Game

Mar 24, 2012 @ 2:29 CDT

Besting both the otaku who purchased 20 copies of Madoka Magica Portable, as well as the one who bought 100 Nanoha film tickets, a third otaku has stepped forward and secured 50 copies of a new eroge.

One can neither imagine the purpose nor the price of this lofty acquisition – yet at least we know this otaku is apparently quite fond of this eroge he invested in. “Zettai Ryouki Sex Royale!!”, an ero-game not of class and elegance like Dracu-Riot!, nor imouto fetishes like Imouto No Katachi, yet simply of gigantic oppai and misappropriation was released only today, and already, this otaku has enough to ensure that in case of an apocalypse, he’ll be set with all the second dimensional erotics he could desire – albeit all the same one.


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