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Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon Fixes Everything

Mar 24, 2012 @ 10:49 CST

With the advent of Senjou no Horizon’s sixth Blu-ray volume, one follows the customary route of comparing the TV and BD visuals – yet as the series packs an excess of oppai, it’s inevitable we’re comparing those instead.

All the changes are circled out for easy finding, and one will notice that these alterations are as peculiar as the series itself – various color corrections, element placement, and objects were adjusted, yet it seems so arbitrarily done as the aesthetic effect remains much the same. Take for instance this absolutely diminutive difference which is incomprehensible in reasoning behind it, however not negative in the least to warrant a complaint, only questions of curiosity – look to the first image, first row, second column, the close-up on the oppai.

Notice the circled areas within the TV variant and compare those same spots to the BD rendition – one will notice that tiny hints of gold have been added on BD. Now this does make for a splendid balance with the line of gold which was already present – yet its so small a fix, only a few pixels worth, none would see it unless it were explicitly pointed out like this. Then again however, the eye does catch such minor differences subconsciously – and it does have an impact. Not to mention, Horizon’s need to only adjust a few pixels shows how flawless it already was.

A more, or actually, perhaps the most visibly apparent edit has to be the one done to the chair of a girl as seen first thing within the second comparative image below – the piece of furniture on which she sits was given a fancy gold trim, now aiding in how appealing her similarly hued hair seems to be.

As expected of this series, it remains quite a strange one even on Blu-ray.

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