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Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya’s fifth manga volume is out, yet unlike the fourth, yuri kissing and mizugis are nowhere to be seen – instead, shota nudity is found alongside a possible conclusion to the story.

Being the first volume to arrive after Type-Moon essentially annexed this doujin work, it doesn’t appear much has changed in terms of what it delivers – extraordinary magical girl battles and encounters remain, all headed by the Fate series’ elegant loli character Illyasviel. The standard of art remains superior, and in fact, this volume outputs the highest caliber of illustrative skill to be seen from this series to date – and one will definitely notice that only shortly after opening up the book.

Humor hasn’t been affected either as Prisma Illya sustains its flow of cute comedy – one of the more prominent gags is targeted at Fate/hollow ataraxia’s Karen, Kotomine Kirei’s daughter, who appears prepped in her battle garbs, though she’s seemingly forgotten an article of clothing quite important, her skirt.

As for the story, 2wei appears to end with this – Illya found what she was looking for as the identity of her friend Miyu becomes clear. Illya even manages to cleverly make use of the word “fate” in one of her closing lines – which would be a waste if the series were to continue onward. Yet the keyword in respect to this volume’s last chapters is that it “appears” to end – regardless of what transpired, Prisma Illya doesn’t seem to be over just yet.

The actual story related matters all erupted right at the very end, everything up till then being a parody or joke, and so it’s unlikely the manga would unveil a massive slab of story just to come to a sudden stop. However even then, a sequel following the expected course of “3rei” has been rumored for quite some time – and perhaps this is a point for transition.

On a final note, the doujin work certainly came well packaged with goodies – Gamers in particular having a rather enticing clearfile of Kuro included with each purchase of the book. And thus with that, we await two things – further delectable mahou shoujo sights as per the upcoming anime, and likewise, a continuation of wherever the story intends to go from this point onward.

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