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InuBoku SS – You Can’t Deceive A Loli

Mar 22, 2012 @ 15:44 CDT

As InuBoku’s second to last spectacle airs, it explains all of which went unanswered – giving new meaning not only to everything that has occurred prior, yet also rewriting our perception of multiple characters.

Going straight into a narrative flashback from Miketsukami, this episode begins – a story of his life unfolds which changes what we’ve thought of both him, as well as the man of S and M by the end of it. Miketsukami describes his early days in childhood as trapped – totally secluded in a room much like our loli heroine, never allowed to go anywhere, and not even acquainted with his own parents. He lived out these days of solitude and isolation for years till eventually deciding on going a deceptive route.

Seeing the maid enter his room day in and day out as he grew, it was well expected this would occur sooner or later – Miketsukami seeks freedom, and to do so, he settles on the single method he knows how to achieve it, taking advantage of others. He first goes through the maid, then gradually and distastefully worked his way up to the head of the home – of course, by then his freedom had grown exponentially, yet he still sought true individuality without a need of abiding by others’ desires.

At a party, he finally meets the integral key to moving along as so wished – a woman with a high sense of justice welcomes him to stay with her, giving him the responsibility of acting a caretaker to her son. That is where Miketsukami meets and becomes the servant of the S and M fellow as indeed, Kageru is her son. A day comes where Kageru appoints Miketsukami the task of replying to a letter he received from his fiance, our loli heroine Ririchiyo.

Miketsukami took great contemplation into each letter from the first to the last, and all in between – he would ponder on how to formulate an ideal yet imaginary personality of Kageru which he would use when writing in hopes of matching the expectations and feelings of the loli. And while this would work for one or two letters, as the exchange went on, Miketsukami came to realize just how lacking of personality he was – both likewise and contrastingly, he came to comprehend simply how cultured our loli heroine happens to be.

And so, he began to develop his interests in an effort to match Ririchiyo when he wrote to her – and while he would come to feel invigorated in one respect, he’d only shoot himself down as he becomes aware that he’s simply been doing nothing more than writing to Ririchiyo as per some pseudo-personality he’s handcrafted. However, as time elapses, and a point comes where he must stop writing soon as he’ll be leaving to live with himself, he receives a letter from Ririchiyo in which she speaks of her childhood.

She asks to hear of his own experiences growing up – and Miketsukami ultimately decides he will write to her from his very own background, a letter now earnestly and honestly written by him for our loli. He receives a response, and is baffled to see he’s been seen right through. While Miketsukami wrote all letters prior under a false personality he was attempting to play out, when he sent our loli a letter truly from his own thoughts and memories, she mentioned in turn that she felt she had only then been told of the real him.

Already was he intrigued by her, yet now he’s overwhelmed – Miketsukami at that point decided to head to the Ayakashi Ken, and that is where the story began for the adventures of him and our loli.

Returning to real-time, the scene is still where last seen – our loli was told she was being lied to, and now finally do we know why. Miketsukami still hesitates to speak up however, and so Kageru does so instead – he admits the letters were not written by himself. Yet surprisingly, our loli aggressively makes it clear that she’s already known that he couldn’t have been capable of writing such.

Kageru pulls our loli into the nearby elevator and goes to the first floor – while inside, he manages to completely change all of what we thought of him within a single, simple letter. He gives our loli a note which says only “I’m sorry.” in terrible child-like handwriting – he admits and states to regret this being the reason he didn’t write to Ririchiyo himself, his poor penmanship. Contrary to how we thought of him previously, we can now see that Kageru is quite like our loli as well – his outlook may be misleading, yet he’s sincerely a good person.

The reason Kageru come and made a commotion to begin with was he had hoped to apologize to our loli – hoping Miketsukami would be a part of it, yet that didn’t work out as he had so hoped. It’s clear to us now that truly, Kageru does really love Ririchiyo. He was very well versed in her personality as shown during a scene in Miketsukami’s flashback – and now here in real-time, it looks as if he leaves the one he loves, Ririchiyo, for that reason exactly. He loves her – yet he can tell she’s interested in Miketsukami.

Now as the elevator door opens at the bottom floor, Kageru tells our loli that it was Miketsukami who wrote the letters as he makes his farewell – pledging to our loli that if she ever again feels lonely, he’ll come visit her once more. During Kageru’s stride out the elevator door, he presses the button to take our loli to the top floor. Thus, she arrives back right in front of Miketsukami – and from there, a touching scene worthy of waterworks is shown as Miketsukami embraces our loli, who now understands all behind his action.

This is why he said to know her so well and stated to be indebted to her – what was seeming nonsense initially has been given a beautifully fitting truth in the grand scheme, and it wasn’t merely a generic placeholder either. The method in which the letters fit in within the plot is very creative and unique – doing much to propel the already exquisite characters full of personal flavor, and overall making this one very distinctive series.

With a single episode remaining, one is now feverishly in thought over what will happen next – the preview for the episode to come did not necessarily seem to be a bad one, however can notice that our loli and her beloved Miketsukami-kun were quite far apart, not seen together at all. Could it be a conclusion upsetting or of sorrow? Or perhaps simply, it is one which will take a detour before meeting its destined ending?


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