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Black Rock Shooter ends as nothing less than spectacular, and far more than phenomenal – a brutal fight for friendship rages on till all parties involved seem to reach a settlement through the sheer pain they’ve felt.

Insane Black Rock Shooter was receiving a sadistic beating at the hands of the white haired midget Yuu within the previous episode – and as this latest spectacle initiates, it is no different.

Brutality carries onward in a manner unforgiving – and in response to this, Strength becomes worried. She mentions how she’s upset her plan didn’t work – leaving Mato in danger instead of saving her. However, Strength refuses to allow her friend to die at her hands, considering it is Yuu who is fighting Insane BRS – and at the expense of her own life, she takes drastic action to save that of Mato’s.

Strength goes to the edge of a seemingly infinite cliff and walks right off – gradually cracking as if she were made from glass during the fall, and as she transcends downward at rapid speed, Yuu is becoming unable to move, horrified and worried she will lose her only friend, Strength. As Yuu becomes immobile, Insane BRS remains much the same – a sanity inverted warrior untroubled by blood, guts, or decapitation.

As Strength falls, something happens with this alternative world – it begins to burst forward an intense hue of orange turned white, like extremely hot fire. And a moment later, we’re shown Mato awakens within another realm, dark, glazed with blue, and filled with spiky ruins – it’s Black Rock Shooter’s domain. While our heroine Mato now stands in Black Rock Shooter’s world whilst directly gazing upon Insane BRS herself – as the camera turns to Mato, she literally is Black Rock Shooter.

Cutely, both Black Rock Shooter and her Insane variant speak without so much as moving their mouths – they do however make other gestures, and our Mato Kuroi, the original Black Rock Shooter, makes an adorable head shaking notion of affirmation whenever she insists to her Insane counterpart that she no longer wants to hurt anyone, nor does she want Insane BRS to feel pain either.

However, Insane BRS is not particularly open to this reasoning – she detests it, seemingly thinking it to be flawed and ineffective. She drops her weapon and begins pounding Black Rock Shooter the old fashion way – unleashing a series of heavy punches, kicks, and knees to Black Rock Shooter all over, leaving our heroine a rather bruised and bloody mess. Our heroine can’t even stand any longer – she’s truly taken a lot of punishment, however at the same time, compared to what her alter personality, who is currently Insane BRS, has to take on a regular basis, this is nothing.

Kuroi begins to ponder as she lay on the floor, little birds and vivid colors fill her mind till she realizes if she wants to gain them, she needs to fly high – and to do so, there’s no other option for her but to stand and fight. And with tremendous thunder, Kuroi rises – adrenaline exceeding anything measurable as she summons up a massive coil of projectiles around her hand newly empowered with determination.

Mato makes an emotionally fueled assault upon Insane BRS, yet this alone is not enough for our heroine to defeat her Insane other half. However, Mato is not alone – as she fights, her friends begin to awaken, coming to their senses and recalling what they’ve faced and overcome up to the point where they find themselves now. And with that, the other girls of the alter dimension begin to mobilize – yet it doesn’t seem they’re preparing for a battle, but something else.

Attention turns back to Mato who seems to be thriving in the moment – Insane BRS is unwavering in her spree of gunfire, yet Mato walks onward in a fashion steadfast despite the pain endured, coming closer till she wields the colors of her friends. This is the very power of their souls becoming at her disposal as she summons a monumental laser which fires in a fashion that would make the internet proud – obliterating her Insane other self, and leaving herself to awaken in another world now lit up with white.

Kuroi looks her usual self once more – however she still sports the jacket of Black Rock Shooter. Only a short distance away, she spots Yuu and Strength laying on the ground. She approaches to see Strength’s current state – and seemingly, Strength will not last much longer. Strength mentions the worlds have merged – and likewise, Yuu must come to learn to live within reality. Yuu is afraid and worried – she’s been through much hardship and bullying, thus it’s understandable why, yet Strength reassures Yuu that all will be well, specifically now as Yuu is no longer alone.

Yuu now not only has Mato – yet looking out and across, she can see everyone assembled, all the girls standing. As Strength goes on to explain, the girls of the other realm would not be fighting for their counterparts if they did not love them – and as that is said, Mato looks up and notices Black Rock Shooter standing on cliff’s edge, looking down at her, and now back to normal.

Our heroic Black Rock Shooter never shows much emotion, yet one can notice it seems as if she has a satisfied facial expression – and of course, the reason she’s made her presence to begin with, looking down at Kuroi, is to let her know that indeed, she loves her.

Finalizing this ending of proportion epic beyond what the term can encompass – the girls of the real world are now a joyous unit of friends as they rightfully should be, now able to relax after so much effort expended. Even Saya-chan is now doing well – and the girls occasionally pay her a visit. And last, yet of course not least, we’re taken back into the alter dimension – Black Rock Shooter is shown crossing paths with Strength, and while Strength is first hesitant with good reason around Black Rock Shooter, BRS seems to have developed a sentimental side.

BRS states that she desires to continue fighting for the sake of the girls – and hearing this, Strength eases from her tension. It’s no longer a brawl without meaning akin to a street fight, it’s now a duel in good taste – and for a united purpose.

To describe this series, one would be instantly not doing justice as it will take a bit more than words to cover the expanse of legendary which is Black Rock Shooter – yet as that’s the only medium available at our dispense, here goes everything. This series is absolutely unforgettable for a multitude of reasons – however one of Black Rock Shooter’s stronger aspects is that the story is so inspirational, relevant and relatable to the viewer, and understandable on a multi-leveled scale, one will understand both sides of the conflict, and feel for them both.

In an act of ambition and bravery, Mato Kuroi set out to make friends with a little bird – in developing a relationship, like a stack of cards, playing with one will affect the rest in the stack. Each card depends on the other cards surrounding it, and likewise, those depend on those around it, and etc – so when Mato engaged the challenge, she was unaware of how delicate it truly was. Thus as Kuroi began to touch a card, which was the relationship with Kotori Asobi, the others became unsteady.

It was then over the course of the series that the cards fall apart, social and personal relations break down dramatically as result of Kuroi’s action – however in the end, the deck is assembled, and with knowledge of how the incident occurred the first time now in hand, there’s nothing to worry about the second time around.

Now as that all went down, it all did so to aesthetics unbelievable – Huke’s artwork is truly unchallenged for a series as this. Grunge textures, characters with unique traits and full of visible individuality – small movements further added to the sense of humanity behind each character within. The outfits are very distinctive and recognizable – and this ties in with the most important facet of all, color. Huke does not hold back in his hues – and color was taken advantage of extensively within Black Rock Shooter to an extent unseen in in any single other anime series.

Color not only exemplifies each character, yet it also represents their emotion and the ongoing mood prevalent within the atmosphere. Through hue, clashes and interactions were taken a step further – and this is definitely most notable within Black Rock Shooter’s final episode.

As the sounds are of Supercell’s creation, and considering the origin of Black Rock Shooter revolves around music, they certainly go without saying as to how high caliber they are – in fact, they’re on par in caliber to the bullets fired by BRS, that’s how lethally masterful the music is.

Black Rock Shooter is a series which plays out a tale that any can come to appreciate as it will strike them with familiarity one way or the other within their own life – sensitive themes taken to an extreme, that’s Black Rock Shooter.


  • alan says:

    i waited so long for this show and it ended so fast, sad it turned out to be only 8 episodes i was hoping for 12 episodes but it was indeed a great show. i feel bad for BRS when she got blew to pieces by that huge gun

    • Seven says:

      BRS is still doing fine, huge gun or not.

      This series was really exquisite – if I were able to afford the BD set, I’d buy it.

  • kamihimmel says:

    I love this animi,perfect in style and type and in emotion transfer.And the last episode makes me understand all the settings ,the books and the words.They all make sense!The plot does well,to me at least…(Still there are people who dont understand the meaning)

    • Seven says:

      It does all make sense – the plot is complex, yet well explained, and if someone didn’t pick up, that’s on them.

      As expected, Black Rock Shooter went beyond epic.

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