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Mirai Nikki’s 22nd spectacle has to be the single greatest in the series as it actually pertains to the main plot – showing a man live his desire to the end by overcoming yandere adversity for sake of his homosexuality.

The world’s soon to be greatest detective, Akise Aru, arrived at the doorstep of one “Deus Ex Machina” ruler of universe, speaker of fluent Japanese language last episode – Akise-kun questioned Machina-san as to whether any of the dead fools can be resurrected, to which of course, they can’t. Their useless slab of flesh can be reassembled for whatever necrophilic purposes one may have – however that’s truly as far as it goes. If a soul has expired, it’s gone.

Learning this, Akise Aru decides to quickly rush to tell his yaoi romance interest Yukiteru of what a sick and disgusting murderous individual he’s been all along – yet as he attempts to do so, he’s stopped by Machina and suddenly caught in a random shock. It’s not actually too surprising as at this point, we’ve already seen quite a bit from Mirai Nikki – however this turn was indeed unforeseen. Apparently, Deus Ex Machina is Akise’s father, more or less – and Akise was made for nothing more than to collect information on the diary holders.

Deus Ex Machina begins breaking apart Akise into thousands of small strips of flesh – all the while, debating Akise that he operated at his will. And while it seems things initially don’t go in favor of the wannabe world’s greatest in solving mysteries, he manages to pull one over on his father – being permitted to leave in the end, and now with a fancy new future diary of his own. A “Detective Diary” which tells him everything of the future the other diary holders have – regardless of any changes to said futures.

With this, Akise hopes to defeat the yandere and have his beloved Yukiteru realize that she’s been fooling him all along. Akise carries out his plot, separating Yukiteru and the yandere from one another – he has Yukiteru distracted with Eighth, whilst meanwhile, he pins down the yandere. However, the despicable yandere seems to be aware that her scheme has been compromised by Akise – and so in a sorry attempt to save herself, she stabs herself and begins squealing a pig.

While such a silly act wouldn’t prove effective on anyone with sense of the common man, Yukiteru has none of that – he merely has his ability to cower like the dog of the individual who hates him. Thus he takes the yandere as truth – too afraid to accept that he can’t bring anyone back to life as she told him, and simply begins killing off his friends, or at least his former friends till he murdered them, under the excuse that he can bring them back, which he can’t.

His inability to accept the truth eventually pits him, or rather, his yandere against Akise Aru. The pig-like yandere creature momentarily stops squealing whilst she starts making a mess instead – attacking Akise with a knife, leaving him unable to speak as she slip his throat. Akise however managed to rupture her phone – and even as he lay there dying, blood pouring endlessly from him, he begins to vehemently contemplate how and why she survived if he destroyed her future diary.

And then the answer strikes him, we’re not explicitly told what it is – yet Akise uses his remaining ounce of life to share it with Yukiteru. He types it into his phone and approaches Yukiteru – and as he does so, the rabid pig comes his direction once more. The yandere ends up cutting his head clean off – yet Akise still walks onward with whatever is left of his nerves, a few steps forward, arm with phone in hand extended out to show Yukiteru a truth which unfortunately, we must wait for till next episode.

Suspenseful indeed – and spectacular for sure. While Mirai Nikki had its fair amount of ridiculous, poorly executed, and over the top stunts, Akise’s final steps forward are part of a scene which is simply legendary. It was a saddening death – yet one which he didn’t fight, rather, he battled against the fate of one he cared about, literally giving all, and going as far as possible to rescue the one he loves. Homoerotic as it is when specifics are considered – just overlooking that if it bothers you, the fact any could traverse such a path of self-sacrifice is amazing.

Akise Aru truly did not fear death.

Although it’s still not over yet – if Yukiteru fails to ultimately do anything meaningful from here on out, especially considering there’s not a single soul left to save him, then it was all for naught. A final thought to ponder alongside all of this, Deus Ex Machina seemingly died with the demise of Akise Aru – leaving only the purple chibi creature in the other realm, who happened to be quite joyed at the passing of her master Deus Ex.

And so, what will our incompetent idiot Yukiteru do from here on out as he just massacred his friends and watched as one died before him, for him?


  • Seven says:

    Yes Yukiteru, in case you haven’t noticed, she’s crazy.

  • wolfdawg says:

    Finally found a website with multiple Dl’s of anime episodes that wasn’t blocked or the DLL website. (bay files). Also found an unblocked torrent website with anime episodes and magnet links, with mostly everything nyaa torrents has (tokyotosho).

    I might very possibly be able to watch this episode today and will no longer need an internet connection outside of school to grab torrents of anime.

    P.S proxies and VPN’s fail, they have iboss filter

  • ratchet573 says:

    I’m waiting till this whole series is released before watching it because it looks way too good to have to wait a week for.

    • Seven says:

      Good plan – especially considering there’s only a few episodes left now.

      I personally wouldn’t say it’s one of the best shows I’ve watched – yet it is certainly suspenseful and has its moments.

  • -Sigh- It was like watching Kaworu from Evangelion dying all over again, even to the point that they had the same VA, awesome silver hair, and ironically even in that they both ended up losing their heads.

    A bittersweet and memorable moment, indeed. It never gets any easier.

  • wolfdawg says:

    nem diggers failed me, there mirai nikki 22 rip is audioless!

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