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A series which initially gave the impression it was a lighthearted moe slice of life series, Haiyore! Nyaruko, now looks ever short of a loli hentai as a televised preview exhibits some erotically suggestive sights.

While one couldn’t help but first think this series would be a sweet and touching affair, it seems the studio behind it, who happen to have unmatched expertise in delivering garbage fanservice series among the likes of Softenni and go by the name of “Xebec”, couldn’t even wait until Haiyore! Nyaruko’s release to ruin it. A televised preview of the anime shows our heroine’s flat chested body fully raw and censored only by the convenience of her silver hair.

One could overlook the nudity if say, she were bathing or similar, yet she’s not – she’s making a blushed face whilst apparently atop another individual, who is presumably the leading male, and it intentionally gives the wrong message. In fact, it may not actually be giving the “wrong message” since, considering we’re being shown this, perhaps Haiyore! Nyaruko indeed really is nothing more than a remedial anime full of pseudo-sexual activities for sake of selling optical media and merchandise.

With what Xebec has consistently shown prior – we’d not be surprised if that were the case.

Even setting the nudity aside, the previous images we’ve seen of this series were so subtle and gentle in tone – yet now all we’re shown is excess blushing, gym uniform fetishes, and miniskirt specific camera angles. A purposeful emphasis of the loli heroine’s physical features

Expectation initially shot into the sky, yet now it’s withered and died – we only wish Xebec would die along with our expectation, they’ve released enough failure series for one lifetime.


  • skylion says:

    I’m a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos from way way back. The idea that they would do any of that as an “unwanted harem” show with Moe cosmic horror is enough to pique my interest. The flash shows left alot to be desired, but looked like some good formula stuff. I’m sure I can find a half hour to watch it at some point.

    • Seven says:

      Meanwhile, I’m sick of more of the same, via the same studio as well – though I’ll end up watching it anyways to write about it. And either that article will prove to be one of immense praise, or of unforgiving ridicule.

  • Disappointing, indeed. I was hope for a more classy, Ojou-chan type character, not this overly enthusiastic, tomato-faced… well, you get the point.

  • ancer says:

    i like how perverted she is

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