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My Little Sister Can’t Be This Creepy…

Mar 18, 2012 @ 22:49 CDT

Some horrifyingly creepy Kousaka Kirino cosplaying was going on in Akihabara as an attempt to market the upcoming PSP title – although if anything, the cosplay simply scars onlookers with terror for eternity.

At no risk but your own, feel free to indulge in the atrocity below – our unbelievably cute little sister Kirino isn’t looking too adorable here, and that’s frankly as this seems to be a cheap impostor of our imouto who instead of overwhelming us with feelings of moe as Kirino can do with ease, leaves us feeling the need to call the police before then proceeding to claw out our eyes at the inexplicably vile display of attempted and failed imouto cosplay.

Indeed, there’s simply nothing like the real, second dimensional imouto to satisfy our tastes.


  • alan says:

    “Indeed, there’s simply nothing like the real, second dimensional imouto to satisfy our tastes.”
    i totally agree with that but im sure somewhere theres someone who would do an amazing cosplay of our imouto.

    • Seven says:

      Probably, though even if there was – the chance of them also being an otaku, or at least willing to cosplay, is even less than that of there being such a female.

  • Anonymous says:

    DA Mask

  • eliscrubs says:

    i always wonder how people see out of those

    • Seven says:

      Indeed, I’m thinking perhaps the material is transparent from the inside – or similarly made in a way it’s possible to see, yet without obstructing the awful design. Like well implemented holes which merge into the look of the mask.

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