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Sankarea’s Short & Sweet TV CM

Mar 17, 2012 @ 9:35 CST

A commercial which truly defines “short and sweet” has just begun televising for upcoming romantic horror Sankarea – inducing much hype for the series through its quick display of zombie girl cuteness.

This clip merely shows the heroine swaying around with an embarrassed face in the rain, followed by a second or two of the hero, and then returns to the heroine with incredible camera work – focusing first on her lovely gaze as she turns to look back before then moving to the fluttering of her long and modest skirt, till finally ending with a full body shot of her moe as seen from afar. These 18 seconds of video certainly have left us with twitchy for this series, and it certainly did wonderful job of offering an impression of what’s to come.

A simple slice of life with some horror and romance – one truly could not ask for more.

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