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Papakiki Loli Bathing With Bikinis

Mar 17, 2012 @ 5:07 CDT

While Papakiki withholds fanservice when it comes to the anime, the series seemingly isn’t as timid in its merchandise as a set of four posters, each printed with a female character in bikini, is to soon be released.

These posters exhibit the loli daughter unit, as well as the colossal chested bishoujo Oda Raika, in a titillating fashion by the bath. The blonde haired, twintailed 10 year old apparently serving as the main attraction as her twin tails span into the posters of two less attractive characters – ensuring that anyone who purchases either of those instead of the 10 year old’s will see them and feel immense grief and regret at their decision.

Our tsundere’s poster off to the far left goes uninterrupted as she’s certainly quite a treat herself – seen here sporting a blue mizugi to match her hairpiece. An interesting fact is that not only is her swimsuit rummaged, yet the same goes for everyone else – their mizugis are slipping off, yet they actually shouldn’t be wearing any to begin with as taking a bath whilst still fitted in attire is a plain act of disrespect against oneself, especially when you’re not giving people what they’ve paid for in the process.

It’s a shame to see they’re still holding out on service considering otaku will be paying hard earned money for them.

There’s also a second complaint in that while our tsundere comes off as sexy as desired, half of her bikini top has slid well below where one would expect to see a nipple – now unless Sora lost them in some sort of strange accident, we’d much prefer to see them.

No matter, the amount of flavorful tsundere flesh to be found here is well enough to account for the flaws – quite a good daughter she is indeed to be picking up the slack of her family and friends.


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