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High School DxD Mid-Battle Oppai Nudity

Mar 16, 2012 @ 1:39 CDT

High School DxD returns to publicly expose the bodies of its heroines an 11th time – the excuse now is that their clothes are ruined in battle, resulting in some rather large “weapons” bouncing around violently.

If you enjoy colossal breasts, High School DxD always has some of that and more to satisfy – yet this episode specifically is interesting in that it offers several flavors of oppai, perhaps the most to be seen thus far in a single episode. We’re given that unforgettable pair of our red headed female lead, the smaller yet ecstatic two of the cat-like loli demon character, and finally, a mesmerizingly ample and energetic set from fresh face whose female charm certainly is not lacking, at least not in the physical respect.


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