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Dracu-Riot! Ero-Marketing Goes Full Power

Mar 16, 2012 @ 23:57 CDT

As much awaited eroge Dracu-Riot! is now merely two weeks away, the series has gone full force in marketing – bringing out every scantily exposed female at its disposal, parodies, and all else possible for attention.

We’ve previously seen some powerful advertising from Dracu-Riot! – the Dengeki Hime shower tapestry and its imitation of Mawaru Penguindrum’s legendary line being the most notable, yet now Dracu-Riot! has simply dished out all it has to offer to ensure it makes the most of its highly anticipated launch.

Heroines of Dracu-Riot! not only impersonate Mawaru Penguindrum’s Princess of The Crystal within Akiba shops, yet they also now take after the Incubator, Kyubey, a white cat-like creature whose series of origin should be common knowledge – as well as the chibi mode of a bishoujo from Infinite Stratos.

However impersonations aside, many shops of Japan’s otaku district are now littered with posters promoting all the various perks of bribery given to early purchasers of the game – tapestries, artcards, dakimakura, and more, each printed with different illustrations of Dracu-Riot’s girls in a suggestive state.

Indeed, at this point it seems you have an eroge, and then you have Dracu-Riot! – whilst this upcoming title is definitely an erotic game, it’s far unlike any of its genre to come prior, and among other things, that clearly shows within the relentless campaign of propaganda its been spreading for over half a year now. If one could put the hype for this ero-game on a scale and weigh it, it would be in excess of several tons.

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