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Madoka Magica Portable LE Bonus Items

Mar 15, 2012 @ 18:26 CDT

Madoka’s portable PSP adventure has finally been released to much over-hyped rejoicing – yet admittedly, a look at the limited edition shows that it seems there’s truly many a good reason to be excited over it.

The game itself is bound to be enjoyable, there’s no question about that – thus we instead mainly focus on some of goodies included with the limited edition release, playing with the idea of whether or not it is worth a hardworking otaku’s yen to spend the extra over the regular version, and seemingly, it is.

Serving as the main attraction of the limited edition rendition is a Madoka Figma, complete with miniature PVC Kyubey – that’s definitely a welcomed addition, however it overall isn’t as spectacular as say, the Insane Black Rock Shooter Figma included in the soon to arrive BRS Blu-ray limited edition. Of course however, a Figma isn’t for everyone to begin with – yet the creators knew that well enough themselves, offering far more than merely a lone Figma with Madoka’s LE variant.

Scavenging deeper into the limited edition box, one will find rare artcards – yet more so impressive, an actual strip of film from the upcoming Madoka movie, and further making that even more astounding, to the point one will feel as if in possession of a small sheet gold, each limited edition box has a unique strip of film packed within.

Setting aside the facet of limited edition or not, one will visibly notice the amount of care put into fancying up the package of Madoka’s PSP game in general as nearly every surface which can be printed with Kyubey’s face, was – not to mention, the artwork is absolutely stunning all around. One also mustn’t forget to recognize the splendor of game itself either – which now having been set free in the otaku filled world, can be personally confirmed to be a gorgeous game indeed.

Returning to the limited edition exclusives, there is one last aspect which would truly be bothering not to bring to attention – take a look at Madoka below as featured in the artcard of her sitting peacefully in a field of grass with her name off to the left. Whilst her friends’ physique certainly had our attention, we previously thought Madoka still seemed too childish to have any female charm – yet seeing that seducing sight of zettai ryouiki present, she’s gained a newly found admiration from us for all the wrong reasons.

Truly satisfying indeed is the second dimension, and yet again does it leave us astonished as it caters to every flavor we love so much – fine artwork, fine females, and an endless coming of fantastic stories.


  • Anonymous says:

    I’m still wondering what the game is all about. It seems to be a visual novel of some sort. Still, I wish they’d only release something like Grief Syndrome.

    • Seven says:

      That’s what I was wondering – visual novels are certainly great and all, although when I first played one, the Blood+ VN on PSP, I was quite shocked. “This is a game?!”

      Certainly not much playing is involved in them.

  • kamihimmel says:

    Nope ,this game is a mixture of RPG and visual noval plus certain animi clips.Actually it is a new type of game which has a nice visual experience.But the RPG scene is not good as expected ,which is kind of like the oldest 3D rpg games.the view is locked in 4 diresctions.

    • Seven says:

      Top, down, left, right?

      I have what you mean in mind – though I can’t exactly conceptualize the sight of it.

    • Does that mean the game is not good? I was expecting it is, but my conception was just based on all these trailers and gameplay videos I saw.

      • Seven says:

        He mentioned this in the chatbox afterwards:

        “yeah the 3d view is worse than any rpg game….you cant even see yourself.. But in other words ,this is a excellent visual novel.”

        Basically, as an RPG it’s very weak – yet as a visual novel, it’s splendid.

  • Anonymous says:

    I see no one here has ever played a roguelike, Persona 1-2, any of the Etrian Odyssy games, Strange Journey, etc…

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