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InuBoku SS’ Loli Kidnapped By Pervert

Mar 15, 2012 @ 17:34 CDT

InuBoku SS has been smoothly sailing till now with easygoing and comical affairs – yet this episode differs by delivering a suspenseful twist which may take the story a whole new direction at the expense of our loli.

Our loli heroine had hoped to enjoy coffee with her servant who she has a self-admitted sexual attraction to – yet as we were shown last episode, a sadistic creep arrived, ruining the plan. This masked man has returned still as spontaneously strange as one can last remember – he breaks out into sharing odd gifts with all the residents of the Ayakashi Ken before making a party for himself and forcibly involving everyone with it. Ultimately, he succeeds in wasting our loli’s time – leaving her unable to enjoy the engagement with her servant she so desired.

A tiring experience – our loli decides to postpone her arrangement for the following day, yet that only proves even more a mess than the current one. Ririchiyo is dropped off at school by her servant – to whom she also anticipates will pick her up upon her dismissal from the educational prison, yet he does not. Her self-proclaimed fiancé is instead the one to arrive – and he doesn’t take her home.

This man of two letters takes our loli heroine, alongside his servant who was already within the vehicle, as well as the raccoon just so he won’t feel left out, to various locations intended to be the usual places of everyday amusement – yet no one is having much fun aside from the pink haired bishoujo who has nothing more on her mind than edible substances, and the judgmental man of “S” and “M” himself. In fact, the only reason our loli is accompanying him is as he kidnapped her and took possession of her belongings.

Wanting no more to do with the nuisance, our loli takes back her items and heads home – feeling worried that her slave will be upset. As soon as she enters her room, she begins sending a text message of apology to Miketsukami – however after sitting and fidgeting anxiously for approximately 50 minutes, our loli can wait no longer, she erupts into a mild panic, feeling Miketsukami may very well be angry. Thus, she determines after much thought that she hasn’t a better choice than to head to his room herself and seek forgiveness.

Yet upon meeting him, he’s clearly not acting his normal self – or actually, perhaps this is indeed his true self, and he’s simply been deceiving our loli all along as the latter half about tricking lolis is what we’re told he’s been doing a bit later on in the episode. As for now however, one can assume that Miketsukami is upset over something we know not which is causing his peculiar and somewhat instigative behavior – and this attitude of his scares away our loli, bringing her to tears even.

Afterward, Miketsukami gears up and heads to speak with the man of S and M. Since early within the episode, it was mentioned this fellow had something important to reveal to our loli – Miketsukami appears to already know what the topic happens to be, however our loli still does not. As Miketsukami meets with S and M, he requests that S and M delay the discussion of the top secret matter with the loli – to which S and M only replies with childishly ridicule to Miketsukami as he denies his appeal.

With no party wanting to accept the other’s stance, this leaves nothing left for either but to engage in battle – the two begin a fight, only to be interrupted by the sadistic end sequence, and finally resume momentarily to show our loli arrive. Subsequently, she breaks up the bout – and is finally told that she’s been lied to this entire time.

Two items spur up in our mind as response to this – of course we want to know what exactly she’s been fooled about as there really isn’t much a hint, and secondly, is the series actually going a serious route or will this merely be played off with a gag at the start of next episode? InuBoku has a tendency to occasionally do such a thing quite often, turn an incident which could be much deeper viewed into a laughing matter – take the fight seen this episode for instance.

However, unlike events of this past, this one is far more grander in scale – and not to forget, it relates to the main plot which has been subtly lingering around our loli from the start, it’s not simply a quick joke.

Having come to care for Ririchiyo quite a bit, one will definitely want to see how this will play out.

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