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A short commercial has been released for every female of upcoming visual novel Da Capo III – offering a small sampling of the adorably sexy girls of this latest installment in the much revered D.C. series.

With the official site having added character profiles, they’ve also given each female a promotional video. These clips all acquaint one with a different girl as the heroines of Da Capo III essentially make an indirect attempt to convince viewers to purchase game through tempting visuals of their physique played out whilst they introduce themselves in a cute voice.

As one might have thought, this is an incredibly effective marketing technique as the girls of Da Capo are rather cute – and when seeing them make a few inviting poses, as they do in the CMs below, they become quite hard to deny. If one finds themselves bewitched by the game at this point, they may also take interest to know D.C. III’s story sums up in a manner which has one of those lingering sentiments to it:

The all year round cherry blossoms is a thing of the past, and now the island is normal.

Our main character is 2nd year student of the annex school Yoshino Kiyotaka, and is in the official newspaper club, along with his sempai the school idol Morisono Rikka (the club president), his sister-like childhood friend Katsuragi Himeno, his half blood cousin Yoshino Charles, the hard working kouhai Rukawa Sara, and the energetic and of weak constitution Hinomoto Aoi.

Unlike in the past, nothing mysterious happens, but one winter day the cherry blossoms start to bloom and a mail reaches everyone’s cellphone: “If the cherry blossoms start blooming, in the promised place–”, with date 1951.

Having familiarized ourselves with D.C. III’s pre-release material, both motion image and text, we’ve not learned much aside from that it’s packed with attractive 2-D females – a fact which is more than enough to leave us, and others, anxiously in wait for its April 27th launch date.


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