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Senran Kagura Oppai Mousepad & Dakimakura

Mar 14, 2012 @ 22:53 CST

Catering to otaku with ero-suggestive tastes, busty bishoujo Hibari of female emphasizing ninja action game, Senran Kagura, is set to soon come in the form of both a rather messy oppai mousepad, and a dakimakura.

For added support when using your mouse extensively during an excruciating search for hentai, Hibari’s mousepad rendition is made 3-D in order to ensure her soft oppai serve a purpose beyond simply awkwardly protruding from the mousepad for sake of eyecandy. One may however never need to go needlessly venturing for erotic 2-D material ever again as Hibari appears to provide it all herself – multipurpose breasts which provide visual and creepy physical enjoyment through their voluminous nature.

They’re not simply massive however, they’re also rather dirty as cream has dripped all over them from the strawberry cake resting between her oppai which she’s devouring like a beast with enormous breasts.

Her dakimakura isn’t much different either aside from the absence of edible substances. A chest impossible to miss is being exhibited on the front – barely held in by a single button of her scantily spread about seifuku whilst her skirt and other articles magically slip off her body. On the back, her oppai aren’t held down at all – they’ve escaped the minuscule bikini top she wore, now only being kept from complete exposure due to their suffocation against a bed sheet.

As a final note in respect to her physique, one can see that it’s not simply her upper body which is unrealistically fleshy. It’s clear that regardless of whether one is familiar with Senran Kagura or not, this may very well remain quite relevant to their interests.

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