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Tightly Wrapped & Revealing Megurine Luka

Mar 12, 2012 @ 20:36 CST

With his Hatsune Miku variant already well beyond infamous, now Vocaloid’s Megurine Luka receives the Tony Taka treatment as she’s been crafted into a stunning figure based on art from mastermind himself.

Tony Taka is already an immensely popular world class artist – yet when combining his fame with that of Vocaloid’s, the result is something nearly too incredible to believe, and with good reason, yet sure enough, it’s real, just like her oppai. The gorgeous pink haired bishoujo of Vocaloid, Megurine Luka, is soon to be released as a sizable 1/7 PVC figure being appropriately labeled, the “Tony Version” – coming paired with some equally as sizable breasts.

Being an artist of unfathomable skill, Tony Taka didn’t hold back when he was illustrating the image this figure is based off of – and to ensure the quality is true to the beauty of its inspiration, the sculptor didn’t either.

Megurine Luka shows off her voluptuous body in a dynamic pose implying movement as her hair and skirt twirls around – complete with clothes which define “sexy” as they concentrate on her female appeal whilst maintaining a grace and elegance, no blatant exposure to be seen, only a fashionable one which invites the eye’s attention rather than demand it.

Feeling no fetish to be too strange, she shows off her armpits to satisfy those more peculiar otaku there out. Whilst she has some sort of black textile covering her upper body to a bit past the shoulders, her actual blouse not only makes a display of armpits, but midriff as well – and more importantly, it provides a delectable sight of seductively sized oppai tightly kept within.

One can understand these oppai quite well from both their shape, as well as from the contour of her blouse – as the former, when seen up-close, leaves the impression that she’s wearing a brassiere to contain these two which seem quite full of energy considering their size. Seeing how her blouse wrinkles up in the center between the gap of the breasts, yet is stretched at the ends, helps one realize truly how perfectly proportioned her breasts are – not to mention, how compressed like prisoners they appear to be.

The only salvation these two receive is the slight space provided for them to shuffle around in during Luka’s ecstatic movements like the one we’re seeing now – thus explaining why each appears to rest in one side, finding a cozy area of their own which also makes them both appear quite soft as they ease their weight into the attire delicately.

Savory as her upper body may be, the lower half is only even more delectable – she sports a skirt slit all the way, entirely revealing a sexy leg, and just a little more than that as well. With the proper angle, one can almost indulge in the sight of her otherwise off-limits area of feminine charm. If Luka is any indication, a woman’s waist is surely never more alluring than when it is seen wrapped in a cloth with some snugly fit belts atop – aiding in emphasizing to what delicious extent her curves reach.

And whilst we’d love to speak more of those mouthwatering legs decoratively trimmed in assorted places with gold and fancied up with some close-fitting thighhighs, it’s not merely the curves of her body which impressively entices, but those intricate ones of her clothing and hair as well. They act under a light source to draw out the finer features of her frame – the best example of such being her breasts.

Boasting such a flawless physique, no matter what angle one may attempt to admire it, Luka merely satiates a different taste of sexiness – and for those in dire need, this ripened pop diva can be pre-ordered today.

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  • Vocaloids are well on their way to taking over the music industry as we know it, my fellow Seventh goers – the next step in our modern society being overthrown and remade in the image of otaku and anime loving enthusiasts everywhere.

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