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“Another” Suspicious Tsundere?

Mar 12, 2012 @ 15:19 CDT

As unfortunate events pile up in Another, attention turns to the tsundere who seemingly has an interesting history behind her – yet more intriguing than this is what she’s currently implied as being, dead.

Like many, this latest spectacle of Another begins with gossip prior to the opening sequence – the rumors hovering around now are that the girl who went plunging off a cliff with her family in an erratic car accident was attempting to escape the city, and thus was the result. As for the other girl who saw fatality that day, the victim was her hikikomori brother – there’s not much else behind that case, though one has to wonder why his shut-in status made him a target of a supernatural curse, assuming that truly was the cause.

We may never know – yet what we do know is what we’re shown directly before us. The tsundere standing in a field crying for her brother – which of course means, she has, or at least one point had, a brother. Interrupting her crying, she seemingly let a can of drink go flying in her state of teary eyed yelling – this aluminum cylinder happened to hit Sakakibara who stood below her at the river bank where they were, and as she realized she inadvertently struck someone with a can, she begins to cutely trip her way down and fall right into the hand of Sakakibara.

A second before she grabs Sakakibara’s hand – it turns out that was actually no more than a dream. Whilst dreams cannot be controlled, they do have relevance to reality – and in the case of a fictional story as this, it’s either a device of foreshadow or a moment made simply to get our minds rolling. One has to certainly be curious now as to what the tsundere sees in Sakakibara – is he perhaps a love interest? Or maybe, he resembles her brother?

Class three finally went on the trip as so planned for a while now – and upon arriving at their retreat location, two photos were taken before they continue along their day. The venue in which they’re staying is a rather elegant and slightly gothic styled manor donated for the three days of the vacation by a local business.

With everyone settled in, the group of the cassette tape finish their listening to learn that the method in which the calamity was halted half-way through was due to the wasted party being wasted once more, or rather, returned to their rightful state of life themselves.

The narrator on the tape admits to having gotten into an argument with a fellow – and before he knew it, that individual went lifeless, murdered. Yet contrary to what he presumed to happen, no one found the body, and that’s as the body disappeared – the evidence of death was all gone and no one even remembered the kid at all, as if he never existed to begin with. Essentially, this means that killing the extra addition to the class, the entity already of the dead, is the solution to stopping any more from occurring to the remaining and actually living students of class three.

This leads us to what will be a breaking point for the series – Sakakibara asks if they could really kill a classmate, and the fact of the matter is, the narrator of the tape simply found himself on the favorable end of fate. How is the living dead supposed to be identified?

Now while that dice has been rolled, the second dice gets shaken up – at dinner, the tsundere audaciously stands up to proclaim that blame goes to Misaki Mei for the current situation of supernatural tragedy they face. She demands Misaki apologize, to which Misaki replies only if there’s a point to do so – though of course, it seems quite pointless. Actions always incite a reaction however, and all the tsundere managed to succeed in doing was incite an opposing response from Sakakibara, as well as the sickly kid and the sporty fellow.

Before anything further of that needlessly ventured conflict unfolds, a student has an asthma attack – he’s driven off to the hospital, yet of course, we’d not be too surprised if he simply died along the way.

It’s worth noting that following this disturbing scene, Sakakibara suggests to the female teacher that they’d probably not want to go to the mountain after all, a place which they were planning on visiting the next day just as the class three of 15 years did so. As one will come to see, this episode itself isn’t much – yet it serves as a stepping stone for an episode to come which will seemingly be where answers are found, or at least, a climax of sorts.

Misaki invites Sakakibara to her room and they take a look at the photo – right there, we realize two things. We’ve been making a silly mistake all along – the photo shown on occasion prior was of the graduating class for Sakakibara’s mother, not that of the Misaki who expired long ago, a minor confusion. Secondly, on a more meaningful note it appears our Misaki Mei can see “the color of death” with her eye which goes normally covered.

Whilst Sakakibara merely sees a blurry distorted character on the graduation photo, Misaki sees a spotty corpse smiling on the same photo.

And with that, discussion develops between herself and Sakakibara till she tells him several items of importance. The first of which is in respect to the deceased Misaki Fujioka, the girl who was supposedly Misaki’s cousin turns out to actually have been her twin sister which selfishly complicated family circumstances drove apart. As we’re so told, the two both figured out the truth however – and spent much time together, which on another Another related note, is what the OVA will show, their adventures together.

Fujioka met a sudden end shortly before her birthday, never getting a chance to receive a doll she desired from Misaki as a gift. A thought to have struck us as if only logical is now revealed by Misaki Mei to be of certain truth, the first death of curse was not the attention grabbing umbrella girl side-character, it was actually Misaki Fujioka – and it occurred prior to the arrival of our hero to Yomiyama. Class three was already entangled in the calamity without them knowing it.

Then, Misaki goes on to share the aforementioned truth of her artificial eye to Sakakibara – it’s able to see the “color of death”. This makes for a point of suspense as if Misaki can see such a thing, that means she’s possibly known who the walking cadaver is all along.

However, she’s interrupted just as she’s about to say the name – the sporty kid comes feverishly in search of “Sakaki” whilst mentioning that he himself just may have done something wrong, the camera then providing us with a glimpse of a dead body. Indeed, it looks like he just maybe done something slightly bad there.

We’re going to assume two things – sporty kid killed off the sickly one in some sort of misunderstanding. Secondly, we already had this in mind, yet we’re growing increasingly suspicious of the tsundere’s life status. When someone acts confident, it makes one feel less suspecting of them – however unspoken implications are pointing at her currently, meaning that she’s in the limelight of possibly being the party bereft of life.

This belief has pointed to several others in the past, only to prove untrue – thus it may not be our sexy tsundere character after all, yet she’s the current student we’re uncertain of, and we shouldn’t be quick to label her one way or the other.

Making sure to not overlook the next episode preview – take note of what is shown. It looks as if some sort of uprising is taking place based on the actions and sights seen – such as Misaki kicking open a door, and bloody hands of the female teacher. There was a messily blood stained bed as well – indicating someone might have been in danger, and lastly, do not forget the tsundere who is seen in shock.

Taking a prediction based on all of that shown, the female teacher loses sight of herself and becomes hysteric – going after a certain student or students in order to save herself. Sakakibara and his crew will still be doing the same as they are now, seeking an end to the crazy affair – yet they will find themselves more deeply grasped within it than ever before, they’ll be right on the brink of uncovering the mystery. And as for the tsundere – she may very become a wrongful victim in the episode to come.

All that has occurred thus far makes it not too far fetched an idea to say that maybe this is all as per some supernatural whatever – yet when people become fearful and full of worry, they inevitably bring about the ruin of themselves. One wouldn’t care too much if they only sabotaged themselves however – the problem is they do so for others as well. In the process, they also try to strike down those they view they must in order to protect themselves, and that is likely the case for a solid portion of class three’s incidents.

We’re not sure if the tsundere is a proper member of the living or not – that remains to be seen, however we do know with certainty that she will be struck with misfortune next one way or another. The conclusion is definitely coming closer in more way than one as we await the next episode – it’ll be both the series itself and the lives of some characters to see the end soon.


  • Misaki’s left eye is that of a doll’s eye, correct? I’d always assumed it was merely a fake eye – granted quite a well crafted one – but a fake none the less; yet judging by how the anime portrayed it, it would seem she can see as well as out of it as she could with her normal eye.

    Monochromatic, death seeing vision from ridiculously moe heroine is made of awesome and win.

    Also, Tsundere-chan. :<

    We're undoubtedly being led to believe she's the Another, yet this series is now famous for its infamous misleads. One last troll before the true identity is revealed, perhaps?

    • Seven says:

      If there’s one way this series is definitely supernatural, it would be how she can see through her gaffed eye. I was under the impression it was nothing more than a standard case of ocular prosthesis prior – although that’s simply an aesthetic, not a functioning component.

      As for my beloved tsundere, perhaps the reason she’s so tsun is because the world is so cruel like this – admittedly however, I saw it coming.

      Her confidence would for most make her naturally seem as if she simply could not be the culprit – one wouldn’t even think to suspect her, yet that’s actually the exact reason I believed it to be her.

      The series hasn’t much a reason to emphasize her as greatly as they did otherwise – and as a friend of mine mentioned, if the dead party happened to be for example, the “drawing fag”, would anyone actually find themselves particularly shocked, concerned, or interested? Not very.

      It was clearly going to be one of the main characters with strong relationship to the viewer – meaning either Misaki, Sakakibara, or Tsundere, and it’s apparently not either of the two former mentioned.

      Though of course, this is all assuming she indeed turns out to be a tsundere of the walking dead – she may not be.

  • Seven says:

    Misaki looks at Sakakibara otaku version:

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