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Fleshy High School DxD Dakimakuras

Mar 11, 2012 @ 11:58 CDT

High School DxD’s erotic personality is expressed in its merchandise as well – two dakimakura are confirmed to soon come, both with oppai pouring out of attire and pantsu either pulled down or absent entirely.

The first of the two dakimakura to come features the series’ mammoth chested Akeno Himejima in shrine maiden ensemble – although while she wears an outfit of modesty, even if its become quite an item of fetishistic desires, she’s certainly not modestly wearing it. There’s definitely nothing pure or humble about about a female allowing her monstrous breasts to rupture out of her clothing – although from the looks of it, one has to wonder whether the miko outfit would have been enough to contain them to begin with, especially without a bra present.

Focusing on the lower body, her legs are lewdly exposed all the way up till the bottom juncture of her thighs – allowing one to see that seemingly, she has no pantsu underneath. If you’re into erotica or simply admire massive oppai, you’ll be fond of these females as well – however High School DxD’s girls haven’t a slightest hint of elegance or class, which actually makes them both rather disgusting to look at unless you’re explicitly one for the aforementioned.

This takes us to the second dakimakura which highlights the series’ heroine, Gremory Rias, who may very well be more ample in oppai size than her companion – and not to mention, she’s even more a harlot in appearance, just as anticipated of the heroine of such a perverse series. Rias arrives semi-partially sporting a seifuku – her upper body essentially bulging out of it, getting fairly wet and messy in the process as well as she salivates on herself. Looking at her legs, her skirt is uplifted raunchily to exhibit a portion of her pelvis area.

Seeing her fancy black and pink pantsu rolled down, this is far kinkier a scene than if they weren’t there at all. Being a fairly personal item of clothing, their sight alone is enough to incite stimulation in many – yet the placement specifically seen here is one most arousing. It’s enough to expose a key area of a female whilst still remaining wrapped around her thighs – in other words meaning those fleshy thighs are locked together in an awkward position, which is clearly what she, and most of us, want anyways.

Admittedly, a dakimakura was made to provide this sort of salacious delight – thus these two are actually quite grand when thinking of their intended purpose. If you’re looking to pre-order, start hounding the shops over the next few days.


  • -Sigh-

    I’m not exactly proud of it, but this dakimakura highlights the exact problem I spoke of before this raunchy excuse of a series even began. With so much service and exposure given in the anime already, what is there to be found here except more of the same?

    Certainly, those otaku with a fetish for large oppai and such will certainly flock to pre-order… however, in terms of sheer aesthetics, it simply isn’t even worth being commented on.

    Avert your gaze to a far more worthy example, such as Alice from “Kamisama no Memochou”‘s recent release.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate High School of the Dead for exactly this reason. It’s a crapton of fan service with absolutely no substance. And I hate the people who say it’s one of the best anime specifically because their penis’s approve.

    • Seven says:

      Agreed – a good phrase for males to live by is to think with their head, not their other head.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t confuse High School DxD with Highschool of the Dead. Both are completely different in everything (story, character) but they feature loads and loads of fanservice. The first one is about a guy getting killed by his girlfriend before being turned into a devil by a pretty girl of his school while the second is all about generic zombie apocalypse filled with loads of fanservice.

  • frost says:

    looks hot yet doesn’t look worth watching.

  • I honestly have concerns about the mind of someone who builds a plot only for this things.

  • skylion says:

    Ah, yes, I have concerns for folks that talk about things they haven’t watched. No, wait, I don’t any concerns at all.

  • skylion says:

    ~have~ is missing. So much for my snarky take that, eh?

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