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Upotte! Weapons With Oppai PV

Mar 10, 2012 @ 9:13 CST

Freshly made available unto otaku is the first preview short for Upotte!, a series about weapons with oppai, and the video certainly shows that well – being sure include two instances of oppai fondling in its PV.

Seeing this is to come from a studio skilled in remedial garbage service series, the ones responsible for Softenni, Xebec, and based on the PV below, it becomes quite clear what to expect of Upotte! – purely eyecandy. The series’ cast of rifles made into moe girls will likely be exploited in a variety of scenarios to inadvertently, yet all so purposefully, boast varying areas of their bodies. And all the while, they’ll be made to look like determined experts, instead of schoolgirls, with whatever they do – firing automatic rifles for example.

They’ll be given some ridiculously idiotic reason for needing to practice with firearms, and the series will attempt to play it off as if it were logical, which it won’t be, and that these girls are heroes, which they won’t be – that may sound fairly terrible, and that’s as the series will simply be so.

It’s difficult to confidently anticipate something which appears so poorly put together from the start – and the fact that it’s coming courtesy of Xebec truly is the ruining factor in terms of anticipation. Xebec hasn’t managed to release a half-decent series in years, this current season included as their creation Rinne no Langrange is below sub-par – thus we’re not eager for Upotte! at all as it will most likely follow in the footsteps of failure its progenitor leaves so many of behind.

Upotte! comes April 7th – yet we think we’ll be watching Accel World instead.


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