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Strike Witches Shimapan Action PV

Mar 10, 2012 @ 17:08 CDT

A second preview video has aired for Strike Witches’ upcoming and anticipated film premiere – focusing on the aspect of action the series will provide, as well as offering a quick shot of each pant-less girl to be within.

Unlike the previous PV which had a more story geared focus, this one emphasizes the actual elements of the movie – meaning both what degree of action to expect, as well as what actually composes all of this. In respect to the action, according to the PV, it seems to be a war-sized scale of it – and as for the composition, one can see everything from soldiers and warships, to girls without pants, allowing for a lovely sighting of shimapan whilst watching bullets fly.

This combination of battle and beautiful girls is truly revolutionary in its own, particularly seeing as it has a legitimate plot behind it:

The Witches’ battle begins anew, starting now.

1945, the Fuso Empire. Yoshika Miyafuji, who lost her witch powers, has been studying hard to become a doctor. A cadet under Yoshika in the Fuso Navy, Shizuka Hattori comes to visit. The message she came to deliver is that Yoshika will be transferred to study abroad in Europe!

Yoshika and Shizuka, what will await these two on their journey to Europe?

If the preview clips released thus far are any indication, awaiting them in Europe are some rather large scale armed conflicts – alongside a slew of other girls who go without pants, just like them. March 17th is the date it arrives, and with a welcoming demeanor do we await it.

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