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Nisemonogatari’s latest episode surpasses the tip of what can be transcended as it makes a marvelous showing of incestual imouto molestation, donut driven loli bliss, and grotesque little sister laser annihilation.

Our hero’s own personal loli rises from her sleep in his shadow to inform her master of some above top secret information – “Mista Donutsu” is having a 100 yen sale on every donut, this means delicious pastries at a price cheaper than dirt. And for our equally as sweet loli with a fetish for the food, this is certainly an event grander than a mountain made with every ounce of soil on planet Earth and elsewhere.

Knowing how much this means to the loli in his shadow, he agrees to purchase some for the golden haired toddler if it will make her happy – however the loli is not satisfied with receiving donuts alone, she wants to physically go there in person and scope out the full collection of rounded, hole punctured edibles. Shurararagi doesn’t mind – yet as the loli is one of vampire status, he questions if she can manage such a venture, even if for her favorite item of sustenance.

To this, she expresses her willingness to overcome the blazing anti-loli radiation of the sun – yet Arararagi makes it even easier for her than that, deciding he’ll take her whilst she remains in his shadow, saying he’ll inform her when they arrive at the door of Mista Donutsu.

That adventure is one Shuraragi-kun presumed would be no more than a half-hour affair, however he’s delayed as he becomes distracted by the littlest of little sisters, Tsukihi-chan. This tiniest of imoutos halts her onii-chan to speak of how she believes there to be “creative differences” between herself and her colossal counterpart, Karen-tan – all whilst making sexually suggestive gestures with her tongue as she enjoys a cup of ice cream.

Meanwhile, Shuraragi simply is supportive of the idea of bringing the so-called “Fire Sisters” to an end – as for anything else his imouto says, he views it as nonsense, and it mostly is, though certainly not her recognition of Shuraragi’s helpfulness involving brushing teeth and breast fondling. Aragi is reminded of the errand for his loli – thus he prepares to head out once more. However before doing so, he informs this small female of his family that she shouldn’t dress so skimpily as she sported nothing more than a fairly short cut and improperly draped kimono.

Yet whilst he says this, our perversely well-meaning hero lashes out at the sash of his imouto’s kimono – undressing her to reveal she wears nothing but cotton white pantsu underneath, and tactfully bounding her hands together with the obi he stripped off her. Surprising as it seems, he has a legitimate reason for stripping off the clothes of his little sister, grabbing her hands, and pushing her down, he’s baffled to see that a scar his imouto had prior is now there no longer – even though it was one mentioned by doctors to simply be stuck for eternity.

Amusing is the imouto’s vocal response to this sudden rape-like scenario – though on a serious note of her own, she goes on to mention that her onii-chan could have checked if she had a scar without pinning down her hands and getting on top of her. Thus, Shuraragi gets off from atop his imouto – however not before groping a mammary gland merely as he was curious how it felt. Araragi is certainly touching his little sisters too much as Karen does mention – though more shockingly, we learn not only does this imouto have a boyfriend, yet even the elder one as well.

As expected, lolis are ultimately the purest of females – even more so than an imouto.

And with that do we set aside pondering of why Tsukihi has a scar, and instead, continue along with interest affixed on a certain loli. A blink of the scene takes us to the currently trending “Mista Donutsu” where we learn that aside from our golden loli’s love for donuts, she’s quite an enthusiast regarding every aspect of history behind them as well. She goes on about different traits of the assorted circular treats laid out before her till finally asking her master if she can devour them all – to which she’s given a negative reply of course, much to her horror.

Arararagi comes to terms with the loli on the number of 10 donuts total. To reach this, it took a fair amount of negotiation on part of the loli – mentioning to her master that he should want to get on her “good side”. Little will one realize at the time that this scene is foreshadowing a time to soon come that indeed – had it not been for the loli, Shuraragi would be in quite a hopeless predicament.

With matters of sugary bread settled, Arararagi discusses with his loli what she knows about the twin pair of perceptive oddballs he met last episode. The loli seems quite insightful – telling us that the brightly colored one with a self-supposed “posed look” is a supernatural creature. She’s no more than a familiar for the other one – the sadist type with short hair. Shuraragi seeks more facts on the subject – yet the loli refuses to speak any more.

Quite conveniently however, Shuraragi needn’t do anything but turn his head to meet a man who can tell him as much as he’d like to know. Apparently, the loli was not the only one lured by the promise of 100 yen donuts as Kaiki has seemingly made a return. And as we learned last time we saw him, he’s not a monster or anything of the sort – just a middle aged man trying to make a living. Thus if Shurararagi wants info, Kaiki’s willing to hand it over so long as Shurararagi pays the appropriate price.

Kaiki ends up taking Arararagi’s entire wallet of meager change – leaving our Shuraragi with only a few yen’s worth of bills, however Kaiki holds true to his end of the deal, revealing much in the way of what intentions the two new faces in town have. He calls them both “onmyouji”, however he admits only the shorter haired older one is actually so – the other is no more than as the loli has said. Yet what the loli did not share is that these two individuals specialize in only a very limited range of supernatural – immortal creatures.

Incidentally, our hero and his loli companion are both of such credentials – leading Shuraragi to contemplate and consider the worst as he heads home with his loli. A strange sight welcomes him upon his arrival home, the two characters of the moment happen to be at his house – the vivid one repeatedly ringing his doorbell to no end. He confronts the two and is told he’s misunderstanding – then does both he and we realize who their actual target is, all a second too late.

Right as we come to understand who they’re after, the third female of the hour answers the door, ruining her attempt to pretend she’s not home – a major mistake indeed. As soon as Tsukihi-tan opens the door, the colorful character of a posed look activates her “Unlimited Rulebook” – or in other words, she fires her lasers in true internet fashion, obliterating the imouto.

Watching as he believes himself to have been left with one imouto less, Shuraragi is driven to a point of insanity – all backed in intensity by SHAFT specific scene exaggeration. The frames of the setting are doused red – and the backdrop turns to one of a riot, if not an apocalypse, smoke streaming upward as Arararagi pounces at the fruity flavored girl.

However, Shurararagi is knocked out before managing to do any damage – and as he awakens, he’s met with the revelation that his imouto is indestructible. Feeling a need to take action before this becomes any further out of hand, the loli of donut fetishes steps forward to make a bluff of power to the intruders – and they actually know our vampiric loli is lying, yet simply feeling so arrogantly sure of her strength, the woman decides to take her exuberant companion and pledge to return at another time, granting our hero and his loli but a short respite till then.

One is riled with thought at this episode’s conclusion as to how exactly is our hero intended to defeat an entity which both appears and acts as if exceeding the Hawaiian shirt man in sheer power. As that Hawaii shirt wearing fellow was a mentor to our Shuraragi – if the former cannot match the uptight addition to Nisemonogatari’s cast in power, then definitely our Shuraragi won’t be able to either.

Of course however, Shuraragi’s certainly not going to allow his imouto to be exterminated – even if a party proclaims that she’s not actually his little sister, that’s not a statement to take at face value. We can’t help but think Shuraragi will have to receive some help on this one – and perhaps even, Hawaiian shirt man might make a return. Also on our minds, will Kaiki play further a role in any of this? Probably not. Yet as aforementioned, we’re sure someone else will step forward however – and not to mention, there’s the topic of what the imouto herself has to say about this.

No one can deny it’s a spectacular episode of Nisemonogatari when the reason you’re antsy for the next episode isn’t because of pseudo-erotic toothbrushing, oppai fondling, or lolis. A thirst for story has developed, and we seek the answers immediately.


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