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Ore No Imouto Becomes A Mahou Shoujo

Mar 9, 2012 @ 20:20 CDT

Our unbelievably cute little sister and her friends have put on their magical girls outfits – providing us with a preview of what we’ll see in a confirmed Madoka mini-game on Ore no Imouto’s highly anticipated PSP variant.

As incestual as this may sound, our little sister looks absolutely gorgeous in her pink mahou shoujo ensemble – and as controversial as these words will be, we personally find her far more delicious a sight in them than their respective owner. Likewise, the sight of Kuroneko in Homura clothing is sure to drive any otaku crazy with lustful desire – and never did any think Kyubey could appear as immensely sexy as she does now, much in thanks to the yandere Ayase and her delectable curves.

With disgust must we be subjected to wait until May 17th to enjoy this impending heaven on Earth – the game was postponed from its late March release, yet at least we know it’s still only a matter of time away.


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