An elemental workshop.

Arriving is the tenth round of Nisemonogatari’s pre-release imagery – showing Kaiki may still be in the neighborhood, a loli vampire is seemingly distracted by pastries with holes, and the littler imouto appears.

Starting first with the loliest of vampires – she looks like an excited toddler who caught sight of some toy they want. Yet rather than childish tools of amusement, one can notice the edges of donuts in the frame above – that’s what our pathetically adorable tsundere vampire loli is glaring at so intently with desire. Making an assumption, Shurararagi takes her out to seek some advice or insight, and in turn, provides her with sugary sustenance to make her loli mouth start talking.

As for Kaiki, his appearance is far more straightforward – he’s either there, or he’s not. Someone could simply be having a moment of recollection, i.e. a flashback, or perhaps he’s actually returned after all. In respect to Shurarargi, his face and surroundings don’t say much – although clearly his eyes are affixed on another individual.

Hysteric as ever, the littlest of little sisters is likely lecturing her “onii-chan” – our main character Shuraragi-kun. Her moe has been toned down in favor of giving her a more serious and matured face – which honestly, does not satisfy in any particular way. Below her, we see one of the new faces to join the series – and just as we mentioned with the imouto, we’re not satisfied in any particular way at the sight of her indifference.

And finally, seeing a second face which was only made familiar one episode ago, once again do we find ourselves considering all available options of satisfaction – yet not being pleased in any specific one of them.

So long as at least the episode proves decent however – fulfillment shall be found.


  • You had me at adorable vampire loli lusting after donuts.

    Ah, one thing though. With only two episodes left in Nisemonogatari left, I’ve still no idea what the “Phoenix” in “Tsukihi Phoenix” means…

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