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“I Think You Covered Something…”

Mar 8, 2012 @ 4:01 CST

A store shelf sported several varieties of Yuru Yuri trading card packs – one of which has the price label slapped across the character’s face, showing a complete lack of disregard for Akkarin, just as in the anime.

Even outside of the anime, it seems that Akkarin receives not a single ounce of acknowledgment from others as her presence proves to be the equivalent of thin air on store shelves as well. Her merchandise is labelled in a manner insulting to her already lacking impact as a human being. Not to mention, this makes it feel as if it is only appropriate to further overlook Akkarin and not purchase her pack of cards – yet at the same time, this is quite a brilliantly simple marketing tact as it holds true to the series and ignores Akkarin, in turn inadvertently drawing attention to her.

She’s becoming recognized through her deficiency of recognition.


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