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Ore No Imouto PSP Yandere Route

Mar 6, 2012 @ 13:57 CST

A yandere Ayase route has been essentially confirmed for Ore no Imouto’s upcoming PSP based visual novel game as some magazine imagery shows the yandere in question admiring a sharp blade with a scary face.

It appears Ore no Imouto’s PSP game will satisfy more than simply a little sister fetish when it release on March 29th of this very month as this revelation of yandere inclusion comes as one of many more details brought to light. The yandere was already expected, yet now solidly given an enticing preview of what dangers she will entitle – not to mention, the game will also boast all manner of megane, bishoujo, kuronekos, and more. It’s like an assembly of all which is beloved by otaku within a single game.


  • wolfdawg says:

    Amazing, I read from a different source about the many features the game will have. I really wonder if they can fit all of that on a UMD, guess ill get to try out that PSP emulator soon.

    I’m mostly interested in it if it reveals anything more about the story of ore no imouto, we never found out what was in that photobook of hers.
    Its like I spin off so I assume its not….

    I love how much work they are putting into this, I hope it actually turns out well. If it gets translated, Ill go for the oyaji route first :p

    • Seven says:

      I’d like to know what was within her photobook as well – they emphasized so greatly in every route, only to divert attention elsewhere. Anger ensued.

      • wolfdawg says:

        From the picture we saw fly out I have an ideal of 2 different things.

        Its pictures of her, or shes stalking loli sisters to rape.

  • Seven says:

    Game was postponed until 5/7.

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