An elemental workshop.

Assembling all Blu-ray volumes of slice of life mystery series, Gosick, one seemingly unravels a mystery themselves – unveiling an artwork grand enough to be a work expected to be seen within a museum.

When arranging the boxes of the series’ optical media, one will come to find this rather extravagant piece above which boasts an execution of technique akin to the legendary names in art. The balance is clearly informal as the image is packed busy with items strewn all about unevenly and lacking of symmetry.

These many diverse objects manage to pull off a single similarity in that they’re all nearly draped in a shade of grey. Light fades to the right edge, yet flourishes around the center floor where our hero stands, as well as on Victorique. By making the floor light, whilst the ceiling the dark, this forms the effect of an enclosed space with a heavy atmosphere.

Now consider that facet with the other aspects of value – shadow is prominent all around, however it is Victorique who is immune to the achromatic sentiments of hue. This in conjunction with the pose and position of our two characters, Victorique coming down like an angelic being, and our lead male whose name is all so forgettable raising his arms in anticipation of catching her, does several things. It first implies a gentle movement as Victorique’s features, such as her hair and intricate dress, smoothly stream downward in a delicate manner.

Secondly, it offers the impression that Victorique is indeed as if an angel unto our main character’s otherwise dark or dull life which is encompassed in a veil of dimness behind him – also serving to mean that without her, he’s left living a gloomy life. Yet even more than that, the artwork speaks to say that both of them manage to light up one another’s life.

And on a final note in respect to the characters, notice how Victorique is seemingly dumped out of a dresser, this is representative of her constant exile and treatment within the series – meaning that likewise, our hero accepting her with open arms is aimed to imply him doing just that, welcoming her from the bottom of his heart with complete sincerity.

As for all the miscellaneous garbage scattered around them, this is intended to portray the fact that the two overcome much destruction, dismay, and the likes, whilst also, losing a great deal in the process of simply trying to be together. And as one can see, both of our protagonists have faint smiles, indicative of how they certainly are satisfied with their choice – feeling what they’ve sacirified to be with one another is definitely well worth it, and we do agree, a splendid art piece.


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