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Madoka Magica Characters In Papakiki

Mar 4, 2012 @ 1:20 CDT

An otaku has taken several scenes from Papakiki and utilized them in a MAD, or remix video, to showcase the versatility of Madoka Magica characters – or in other words, Kyoko Sakura becomes a toddler.

Watching the first video, one’s response will be one of satisfaction, realizing what they’re witnessing is quite good, well made, and perhaps even mildly amusing at that – moving onto the second video to see Sayaka introduced as well, those feelings are further expanded, and indeed, one will recognize this as nearly epic. The sighting of Kyubey giving quite a significant feeling of fulfillment and achievement to the viewer.

However, that all changes upon watching the third video – the third clip sets this series of creations and concept into a playing field where there’s no other players simply as no one can compete with this:

The scene chosen for the third video is ideal – and one will definietly notice that themselves. First Sakura and Kyoko are seen – followed by the toddler loli version of Kyoko dashing off and returning in her battle raiment, then Mami reveals herself from behind a watermelon. Incidentally, the watermelon, which was contained within the original unedited scene, somehow is so well implemented in this modified spectacle as it pokes humor at Mami’s beheading within the actual series of Madoka Magica.

Toddler Kyoko’s creative attire switch is certainly moe, Kyubey observing the protagonist from afar is entertaining, yet Mami’s watermelon head, with subsequent yell from Sayaka, is the final nail in the coffin to our contemplation of quality.

It certainly seemed a decent video at first, yet that’s it, this one is going down in history.


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