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Aquarion EVOL Invisible Loli Romance

Mar 4, 2012 @ 23:00 CDT

Aquarion EVOL pulls off an amazing display – for a series usually centered around gag events and intergalactic nudity, this episode keeps the comedy, yet intertwines it with a legitimate, emotionally stirring story.

The blonde haired fellow who is oft-seen performing tasks for the antagonist party has apparently been assigned the mission of heading over into Aquaria to collect data on the Reaiglers – or in other words, women. Whilst the series’ story is tough to take serious most of the time (anytime), it does make sense for the most part. Aquarion EVOL’s antagonist force is merely a group who somehow lost all their women in a tragedy – and of course, without the necessary feminine traits, they cannot survive as they of course can’t reproduce amongst themselves, or so it goes.

And thus, the blonde, who is dubbed for the greater good simply “Jin”, finds himself on a new planet – transferring into the academy where our protagonist and friends reside. Like any transfer student, many swarm him with interest, all of whom incidentally happen to be girls – yet having never interacted much, or perhaps even at all, with females, he’s not too comfortable in partaking in any social exchanges. However, it’s not exactly shyness alone which he’s stricken with – rather, it’s more as if he’s just unsociable.

Hinting at wonderful things to come, the series shows that the invisible loli has taken an interest in him – seemingly feeling that he’s in a similar position to how she once was, and as one will see later on, they do get along fairly well.

For the time being, others continually try to mingle with him, to which he merely walks off, literally – basically keeping at his own pace regardless of what others are doing. He’s shown around the school by Cayenne – learning a bit about Aquarion, before then wandering around by himself and discovering new places. During this short adventure, he stumbles upon the girls’ locker room – being caught and pinned down by the crew of Reaiglers for supposedly attempting to spy upon them. Yet the invisible loli comes to his aide – saying that he simply got lost.

He takes the opening made for him by the loli and escapes – interestingly, when the loli was taking his side, it seems that he heard her voice, however didn’t see her. Jin’s hair covers his eyes, yet he insists he can see – although one has to wonder to what extent.

No matter, he encounters the loli again as he was in the library researching Reaiglers – recognizing her voice, and figuring her to be the same Reaigler who assisted his escape from the vicious bunch he was surrounded by a while before. Learning that she can become invisible – that becomes a topic of discussion between the two as Jin thinks it’s an ability quite awesome as he can then enjoy peace and privacy alone, keeping away from others.

However, the loli is saddened by the thought of it, thinking everyone needs friends.

Saddened to the point even, she starts crying, turns invisible, and runs away – leaving Jin with nothing else to do but head to his dorm. Jin is seemingly complying with what he’s been told to do by his home planet superiors – yet honestly looking at his character, it looks as if he’s more earnest a person than initially thought to be. He’s not typically fond of being around others – however the words of the loli do have him captivated, and in particular, her tear.

Jin has Andy, accompanied by Amata, dig a hole for him which opens a path to the girls’ dormitories – and from there, he heads over to the room of the invisible loli, Yunoha. Yet someone interferes – when Cayenne met Jin, he had a vision, a one-eyed mech fighter. And Jin rarely revealing any more than a single eye leads him to become the prime suspect for Cayenne – especially when the rhythmic bishounen Shrade shares the fact that his piano was playing a note estranged upon the arrival of Jin with Cayenne.

Although while it may have been true at one point that Jin is an enemy of sorts, it may not be any more considering how he’s been acting. Cayenne fires an electrified projectile at Jin who was standing outside of Yunoha’s balcony – Yunoha dashed in front of Jin in hopes of protecting him, yet he simply gets in front of her instead, and to much surprise, he actually stops the attack. As Jin reached out his arm, a slick barrier formed around him which blocked the bullet and dissipated – apparently this is his elemental power.

If Jin was a bad individual, he wouldn’t have bothered risking his life at the expense of an invisible loli – and in such an epic manner as well. Everyone watching, characters and ourselves included, are colored impressed upon the episode’s abrupt end – and we have a feeling we know the route from here.

One needn’t even guess as to whether or not Jin likes the invisible loli, even though it’s frankly quite obvious, as within the next episode preview he admits he can’t help but think of her. Also within said sample of the next episode, we see that Jin is fitted in some tight spandex battle gear as he’s within Aquarion – certainly this means Jin has either, or will be, engulfed within the world which is that of our heroes, turning him into yet another to join the ranks of those protecting Aquaria.

Indeed it’s possible that Jin will still attempt to uphold his iniquitous duties – yet more likely is it that he instead comes to his senses, and simply starts a new life with the residents of the academy, perhaps even convincing his fellows back home that the citizens of the foreign planet aren’t actually all that bad. And on that note, someone who is actually all that bad is the pale exuberant character with a lust for the sight of jealously – he’s seemingly the largest issue, if any, for our characters.

Leaving off on quite exciting plot point, we’re certainly awaiting the next episode.


  • skylion says:

    Aquairon is still the surprise that keeps on giving, isn’t it? I find that to be fantastic; for the show wears it’s more-than-obvious tropes as a badge of honour, it’s quite pleasing to see the plot and characterizations take themselves up a level.

    Ah, the bad guy turns good guy, might still be a bad guy but isn’t that bad after all, and so the bad guys may not be that bad. Rinne La Grange on Sunday? Small matter, it’s still a good plot point, and I am happy to walk down that route with them without any trepidation.

    I look forward to seeing how the relationship between Jin and Yunoha develops. I see shades of Accelerator and Last Order, MISAKA. Hopefully without that ending. I don’t want to have to hold back the manly tears again.

    • Seven says:

      Indeed it’s quite nice – I surprisingly ended up liking Jin more than any other male characters of this series, and as for Yunoha, I honestly didn’t think much of her till now.

  • frost says:

    Dat Jin.

    Invisible Loli meets barrier boy.

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