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Feb 29, 2012 @ 16:41 CDT

We’ve come up with a hopefully successful solution which will provide incentive for otaku to donate to SeventhStyle – and in turn simply be rewarded themselves with increased otaku favoring vanity features.

This simply provides something in return for those willing or able to give a little – if you don’t happen to be one of them, worry not. Nothing is taken from anyone else, rather, these are all merely luxuries for those otaku with panache. Whilst anyone can always of course donate directly to SeventhStyle, and this would be much appreciated, now we adding “S-Class” membership which gives benefits in a monthly or yearly subscriber package.

First of all, by subscribing, you receive access to the appropriately named “SeventhStyler” which currently has three other site themes available which have been designed to offer varying reading experiences in order to allow one to select whatever they find themselves most comfortable with – a light colored theme is, of course, one of those included, and there’s more planned to come.

Secondly, added for sake of convenience, you will also be able to easily download art galleries in a .zip file.

And finally, one will receive access to exclusive content which otherwise would not be shared – additional galleries, as well as extended event and merchandise coverage, all in addition to miscellaneous other goodies. An example of such content is this collection of magazine covers which acts as an extension to the article here – it serves to treat those with a more voracious appetite for content which otherwise goes unsatisfied.

We’re not expecting nor attempting to fully cover our server costs through this – however we hope to ensure the site can at least partially accommodate itself, and this is the way to do it. Advertising is not for us, nor is there any relevant to our content aside from those few affiliate banners you already see. If you’d like to upgrade your account, or that of a friend’s, to S-Class – you can do so for $3.95 a month, further details are available here.

If you have feedback on anything from new features you’d be interested in, or simply a different site theme, feel free to express it either in the comments, chat, or via email to: pink[at]


  • I would totally contribute with 50$ a month if I could. I belive I’ll start working this year and thus, I intend into support sites such as yours and Anbient. But still, I’d need the matter of bank account and reais to dollars exchange.
    I really want to help in a future.

    • Seven says:

      I appreciate the thought, and of course, if you did contribute anything, that’d be great – though I want to reiterate that no one is obligated. However, those who decide to assist us do so to a great extent, even with a single dollar.

  • alan says:

    I like the idea specially because is a pain to save pictures from the galleries one by one also I’m not trying to be greedy but it would be cool if you added more content to this subscription idea. I’ll probably do it since is only 4 dollars per month, I pay 5 dollars for my Runescape membership even though i haven’t really play in like 4 to 5 months lol.

    • alan says:

      oh and the video was super super funny ^_^

      • alan says:

        also it would be cool if u added a option to edit comments because you see things like this tent to happen well at least to me -_-”

      • Seven says:

        The video is hysterical and actually dead accurate – I’ve watched it over 20 times today. Thanks goes to Hawkward for it.

    • Seven says:

      I agree with you that subscribers should receive more content – the issue is I’m not sure what to make that content at the moment.

      However if dropping the price to $2.95, with the current incentives, would encourage people to sign up for it – I wouldn’t mind.

      Also note that the extra content is delivered on a regular basis – so subscribers would receive a solid amount of material to enjoy, with much more to look forward to. If you do sign up, I’d like to mention now that if you find a gallery which doesn’t have the download .zip option, simply give me a short notification in the chat and I’ll fix it for you.

      • alan says:

        already subscribed ^_^

        • Seven says:

          I’ll ensure you won’t regret it – Hitler would be proud.

          • alan says:

            to be honest when i opened the article a saw the pictures but not read what the article said i thought someone had created page similar page to this and was posting the same stuff as you i was like “WTF!?!?!” thank god it wasn’t nothing like that

  • We’re not going to have to wear uniforms, are we? o___o

    …Cause, you know, I have sort of a thing with having to wear neck-strangling apparel and what not.

  • Firetribe says:

    If I ever manage to find a job this summer, I’ll consider subscribing.

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