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Persona 4 U New Character Confirmed

Feb 29, 2012 @ 6:51 CDT

The so-called “Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena”, Persona 4 U, has been confirmed to be coming with a new character named “Labyrinth” – the near identical sister to the other mechanical bishoujo of the series, Aegis.

Comparing to Aegis however, we find ourselves fond of this mechanical female far more – at least in appearance anyways, as she sports seifuku with provocative miniskirt to show-off her metallic legs, with long and lavishing iron hair, and a cyber-scythe which fits with her general appearance quite well. For a character only now introduced, she already seems quite a good fit for the series.


  • frost says:

    I have already confirmed her as my sub. I hope she’s a heavy hitter with unique features like Haku~men. She doesn’t look to have a Persona or Burst but all that could change as she does have the word “Burst” beside her name.

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